Frequently Said Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: 

Wedding Photography faq

Where are you located?

I am located in Orono, ME, but travel all over New England and beyond to capture special moments.

What is your photographic style?

I would describe my style as romantic, timeless, and photo-journalistic. I appreciate a good set of formal portraits during cocktail hour or after a first look, but for the most part I enjoy capturing your day as it unfolds. I want the photographs from your wedding day to be just as beautiful as your memory of each moment is. I prefer a timeless look with my images being sharp, bright, and colorful. I like to get creative with natural elements like sun flare and silhouettes at sunset.

How many images can I expect from my wedding day? 

Every wedding is different and there are many factors that determine how many images you can expect. I would say a bride and groom can expect a minimum of 600 images from 8 hours of coverage on their wedding day. 

Who is your second shooter? 

When a couple selects to have a second shooter I pull that second shooter from the amazing network of Maine wedding photographers that I belong to. I only use other professionals and to ensure that I only work with the best I find them about two to three months befoe the wedding date that I need them for. These professionals are wedding photographers themselves so I find ones who have your wedding date available after booking their own. 

How far in advance should we book you for our day? 

I'm currently booking 2018 and 2019weddings. My 2018 wedding season is halfway booked so to ensure my availability I would say as soon as you're confident in hiring me to book.

We love everything! How do we go about booking you? 

After you've decided that I'm the right fit for you we can begin the booking process! It's short and sweet. I will send you an electronic contract and invoice for the retainer fee. I require a 35% retainer fee. Half of the remaining balance is then due 90 says prior to the wedding and the last half at 30 days prior to the wedding. 

Would be said answers to never asked questions:

What do you do to prep for a wedding the day of? 

I have a ritual of playing the wedding episodes from both, The Office and Parks and Rec while I'm getting ready to leave for a wedding. I know the lines by heart. 

What is your favorite line from The Parks and Rec wedding episode?

"I love you and I like you"

Did you cry during the season 6 finale when little sebastian's hologram went up on stage?

Why yes I did. While watching it on the bicycle at the gym. 

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