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UPDATED: Engagement Session Tips

It’s been almost three years since my last post about engagement session tips. Seeing as I’ve learned quite a bit in those three years I thought it was time to update my advice on how to have a successful engagement session. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your engagement photos.

What to wear

  1. Don’t wear large patterns or logos (small patterns can work, GIANT polka dots aren’t flattering on anyone).

  2. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.

  3. Bring 2-3 options. If you are having trouble deciding we can look through at the beginning of our session.

  4. Make sure your clothing isn’t see through where you don’t want it to be see through.

  5. Bring shoes to match AND for the terrain we are in. Stilettos are cute until you are trying to balance on a cliff in Acadia, but HEY I’m willing to try if you are just keep that in mind!

  6. Don’t match but don’t clash! You and your partner don’t walk around in life wearing the same white sweater so it wouldn’t make sense for you to now. Instead I go by the idea- “don’t match but don’t clash” meaning have one or two colors that connect your outfits without mirroring each other (examples below!).

Engagement Pictures with Lupines Orono
what to wear for your engagement session
golden light

Schedule your session at the right time!

Unlike your wedding day, when scheduling your engagement session we have the luxury of planning around the most ideal time to shoot. The best time to photograph is within the last two hours of daylight. This is when the light is low and most flattering. We have the opportunity to shoot in more places without harsh light shining into your eyes and making you squint. If there are no clouds then the light is golden and we can also get some sun flare (example below). Of course sunset changes depending on the time of year but we can plan around it!

Maine engagement photos
sun flare in photos
golden hour photography

Props can be fun!

Props can be a great addition to an engagement session when they are done right. Having a prop can also give you something to do and make posing easier at the beginning of a session when you are warming up to being in front of a camera. Make sure they make sense in the environment you choose and match your attire. In my engagement sessions in the past couples have brought along blankets to sit on, champagne to toast with, signs with their wedding dates on them, signs with their names, food to create a picnic,

engagement session props
apples as props

Pick a location that means something to you

There is a reason why the majority of my engagement shoots take place in either in Acadia National Park, the University of Maine campus, or the ocean. These places mean something to many couples and going to a spot that means something to the two of you for your engagement session will make it all that more special.

where to take engagement photos
kettle cove engagement
university of maine engagement

Do all the things that make you feel your best!

If you feel your best with your nails done and your hair professionally blown out then do it. If you feel your best make-up free and with your hair in a bun then do that! I’ve had couples leave work and go straight to their engagement sessions without a thought in between and I’ve had couples hire professional hair and make up for their pictures. Whatever makes you feel your best is the right route to go.

Have different looks within your outfits

90% of my couples bring at least one outfit change. To get the most out of your session it’s a great idea to bring two different looks. Below are sessions where the couple opted to wear two different looks and I think it really helped diversify the engagement session gallery.

Ellie and Peter: HERE

Caitlin and Ryan: HERE

Danielle and Adam: HERE


With all that said- don’t worry about anything. You love the person you are taking these photos with and that is enough! Don’t be afraid to laugh- it’s actually my absolute favorite part of the engagement session to photograph.

fall engagement
happy couple