Acadia National Park Family Photographers/ Erin and Jake

Acadia National Park maternity pictures

I so enjoy taking the “off” season to go back through the summer and fall prior and blog all my amazing sessions and weddings. As 2018 comes to a close it’s the perfect time to go through and reflect. This was my last official session in Acadia National Park and wow did I feel like I went out with a bang. The scenery, colors and lighting meshed so well for my session with Erin and Jake who were in Bar Harbor celebrating an anniversary and a baby on the way! We hit both Jordan Pond and Cadillac Mountain at just the right point in fall foliage. We also hit it on a very high tourist day but found parking effortlessly- and that’s a gift from something else ;) Thank you so much Erin and Jake for having me take these photos. It was so hard to pick my top ones to share here and that’s always a sign of a great session. Here are some of my favorites from our time in Acadia National Park.

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Photoshoot at Jordan Pond
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Bar Harbor Maternity Photos
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Acadia National Park Family Pictures

Acadia National Park Proposal/ Emma and Jason

acadia national park proposal photographers

And now for something so so special! I'm happy to finally share the proposal of Emma and Jason! Jason contacted me a few months before he and Emma's planned trip to Bar Harbor Maine. Emma was running in the marathon last fall and Jason planned to propose to her while on the trip! I literally shriek every time I get a proposal inquiry. After my first one two years ago (that of Anu and Tahira HERE) I was hooked. It's like a thrill ride and I love getting to be a part of it. Jason and I communicated back and forth about timing and location and eventually decided to do the whole thing on Flying Mountain in Acadia National Park. We picked Flying Mountain because of it's view and it's easy accessibility. For such a short hike to the summit it has a stunning view. I arrived early the day of and made the 15 minute trek up to the top. After looking around I picked our spot and waited. There were very few people on the mountain and once Emma and Jason arrived it was just the three of us. When we saw each other we said "Hi" as strangers do and Emma then bolted to the other side of the mountain. Jason asked her where she was going and she replied "I wanna look around before sunset!". He then turned to me and mouthed "one second" and went after her. It worked out that we were the only three up there because when he suggested they have someone take their picture they had to return to my corner of the summit. In our planning Jason and I decided that I would cue his proposal by taking a picture with his camera when asked and then saying "Perfect!". Our plan played out and I quickly switched to my camera to capture the proposal! Of course Emma said YES! She was so surprised and they were so happy for the remainder of our session. Thank you so much Emma and Jason for having me photograph your proposal. Congratulations and happy wedding planning!!! 

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Maine Engagement Pictures/ Danielle and Adam

engagement photos taken in rain

I love it when my couples are up for anything! Wether it be interesting locations, unique activities, OR inclement weather- all of those things help create photos that are unique to you! Danielle, Adam, and I were supposed to meet on a Sunday on Mackworth Island off of Falmouth Maine. I had seen that the weather wasn't looking ideal a few days prior but we decided we'd wait and keep an eye on it. Weather in Maine changes constantly and you almost seems like you can't trust it until the morning of. The day of our session came and things still weren't looking good so we made a plan to meet earlier and try and beat the potential thunder and lightning predicted for later that day. While we didn't get any lighting we did get a steady downpour. I was so happy that these two still wanted to get out even for just a few shots. They had planned for it, looked great, and were more then flexible with the rain. I had my trusty clear umbrella that I always bring and I love the shots we got with it! Rain really adds some romance to a shoot and having to be underneath an umbrella and in constant close proximity of one another makes a couple real cozy real quick! We realized we'd both be in Orono Maine the following weekend for the University of Maine's homecoming. I live there and they would be traveling up for the festivities. I knew the foliage would be at peak and offered to take some shots up there as well. This way they'd get a full engagement session instead of just the 15 minutes we had on Mackworth island. In the end I don't think it could have turned out any better. We got romantic rainy photos on the island and fun bright ones with the gorgeous foliage on the UMaine campus, which is where these two met. Thank you so much Danielle and Adam for being so flexible and willing to brave the elements with me. I cannot wait for your wedding next year at Sugarloaf! Below are a few of my favorites from our two mini sessions together. 

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