Sidney Maine Wedding Photographer/ Erin and Nick

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I'm so excited to share the wedding day of Erin and Nick! Ever since their engagement photos last fall (here) I had been looking forward to their special day. They are such a happy and pleasant couple that my face hurt from just smiling at all the pictures while going through them. They got married at the Snow Pond Arts Academy in Sidney, Maine. This place has started doing weddings and it is the perfect location to host a woodsy, rustic wedding on a lake. There was a lovely spot for the ceremony and a wood dining hall for the reception. On site there were also plenty of cabins for guest accommodations. Also, lots of trails around the lake to explore, which we used heavily for bridal party portraits. I started my day at Erin's home with her bridesmaids and family as they got ready. 

 Vera Wang love ring
 daughters with mother

I love this shot of Erin's hands holding her new kitten whole she looks up almost adoringly at Erin's wedding gown. Furry friends make all wedding days better. 

 cat at wedding
 Sidney Maine Wedding Photographer
 bride and dad
 bridal gown

Erin and Nick opted to do a first look and get some pre wedding jitters and photos out of the way before the ceremony. 

 wedding first look
 Sidney Maine Wedding Photographer
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 wedding in woods

Then it was time for the ceremony! I love all the emotions in these next few photos. 

 groom at alter
 bride with parents
 bride hugging mom
 bridesmaids at ceremony
 maine lake wedding
 first kiss
 wedding processional
 snow pond arts academy wedding
 maroon bridesmaid dresses
 snow pond arts academy 
 groom with groomsmen maine
 bridesmaids helping bride
 bridal party
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Congratulations you two! Thank you so much for having me photograph your wedding! 

Wells Beach Maine Wedding Photographer/ Samantha and Jim

 bridal party beach photos

Samantha, Jim and Charlotte came all the way from Connecticut to get married on gorgeous Wells Beach, Maine. They brought along their very fun family and friends to take witness and celebrate in their nuptials. They used two rental homes of a family friend as their venue. The homes were a dream to shoot in! So much natural light and nautical details. The outside of both homes had front yards where they put up their reception tents. From there the properties sat right on the sandy beach where the tide couldn't have worked better for us. It came in just close enough to still feel comfortable during the ceremony but still made us feel like we were in it! The sound of the crashing ways just mere feet from us during their ceremony was really something special. Then the tide went out for sunset where we were able to go out on the damp sand for portraits with those beautiful cotton candy skies. My day started photographing Samantha with her bridesmaids while they got ready in one of the houses before the first look. Samantha did her own hair and it was stunning! I told her that she had Ariel hair! 

 mother father daughter ring set
 beach wedding dress
 wells maine wedding photographer
 happy bride with bridesmaids
 bridesmaids pink robes

Before we knew it it was time to start getting dressed! Samantha helped her daughter, Charlotte put on her dress before stepping into her own. Charlotte is a champion twirler! Girl knows how to work that dress. I photographed and had so much fun with her showing it off that I later heard her go to her mom, "Mom I think she loves me!". 

 mother and flower girl
 bride and flower girl
 beach flower girl dress

I loved Samantha's dress. Elegant and perfect for a beach wedding. Her and her bridesmaids also wore foot thongs to walk around in the sand with. They added a lot to the beach theme while making it very easy to walk around in. 

 Wells Beach Wedding Photographer
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Then it was onto the first look! With your venue being on such a gorgeous spot picking our first look location was easy. If you are considering doing a first look on your wedding day HERE is a bit more insight on what they are and why couples opt for them! 

 wells beach first look
 Wells Beach Maine Wedding Photography

After a first look with both Samantha and Charlotte with Jim, we went right into bridal portraits before the rest of the bridal party joined us. Samantha's florist was One Fine Day out of Hartford, Connecticut. They did a fabulous job on her and her bridesmaid's flowers. 

 wedding photographers near wells beach
 wells beach wedding photos
 wells beach bridal portraits
 first look on beach
 bridal portraits on wells beach
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 bridesmaid pink and white flowers
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After bridal party portraits we hid away inside while guests arrived for the ceremony. 

 maine beach wedding
 flower girl on beach
 beach bride
 Maine beach wedding
 mother and father of bride
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As part of the ceremony Jim gave a ring to Charlotte. After he put it on her finger she rushed back and showed it to the bridesmaids. I love the shot below of her showing off her new bling! 

 flower girl ring
 first kiss on beach
 beach weddings in Maine

Right after the ceremony we walked over to a shore path a few houses down to give the happily married bride and groom a few moments to breath and to do a couple celebratory pictures before they went back to join in their reception. 

 wells maine wedding photographer
 wells beach maine wedding photography
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Personalized mini champagne bottles! Another trend I've got my eye on! 

 personalized champagne bottles
 Maine Wedding Photography sj
 shocked bridesmaid
 beach wedding in Maine 
 bride and groom announced
 beach wedding first dance
 wells beach maine weddings
 mother and son dance

And now it's time for those cotton candy skies I had talked about. I love the way the sun sets on Wells beach. Every time I go there the light is always so beautiful right before the sun goes down and the colors created in the sky are dreamy.

 sunset at wells beach photos

Charlotte with more spinning :)! 

 flower girl twirling at sunset
 maine beach wedding photos
 cotton candy skies
 beach weddings in Maine
 maine summer wedding

Thank you so much Samantha and Jim for having me! I feel honored to have been at your wedding and lucky to have photographed so much beauty and joy in one spot! 

Stacyville Maine Wedding Photographer/ Mary and Zachary

 bride and groom farm pictures

I'm really happy to post some highlights from Mary and Zachary's wedding day finally :) I took their engagement pictures last year (here) when they were expecting. They had an appointment with the doctor that coming week and would be finding out if they were having a boy or a girl. I remember we took a picture with the blue paw prints on the UMaine campus and I suggested that if it were a boy then they could use that photo as a sort of announcement. Well- the blue paw prints were right and they welcomed a gorgeous baby boy to the family! How fun it was to get to photograph Mary dressing him before the wedding when I had last seen them anticipating his arrival! They got married on the property of a relative you happened to have an amazing view of Mount Katahdin in their backyard. Their wedding hashtag was #katahdinviewido for a reason! Mary had told me that their wedding had a big family style feel, which I LOVE. Incorporating family in your big day is a great way to involve others who want so much to help in celebrating the two of you. I started my coverage with Mary and her bridesmaids as they got ready. I loved all the running around of kids and the bustle as they prepared for the day. The energy was really exciting! 

 bride and baby getting ready
 brides dress from etsy

The below image is of Mary's engagement and wedding ring, a charm on a necklace that their son wore for the ceremony (See the two parents holding a baby?) and Zachary's wedding band which they had hammered Mount Katahdin on. So very cool and something I hadn't seen before. 

 couples rings with baby necklace
 bride dressing son for wedding
 bride getting kids ready
 Maine wedding photography stacyville
 happy bride in dress
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After everyone was ready we went over to the ceremony site. Mary and Zachary were married by a close friend in a very lively and emotional service. They read their own vows, they cried, there were some Game of Throne's spoilers (they had given a heads up), guests cried, I almost cried. It was so sweet. 

 Maine farm wedding
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 Maine wedding mz
 bride and groom in silhouette

These two walked out of their ceremony as husband and wife and straight into bridal portraits. It's a great time go catch a couple- when they're newly married and riding on the happiness of that. The sun was shining brilliantly through these trees, which provided a lot of open shade making it a great spot for photos. 

 Maine wedding pics mz
 wedding portraits in maine
 underneath veil wedding shot
 bride and groom with baby
 bridal portraits on farm
 bridal gowns from etsy

Then it was onto the reception! Mary and Zachary had quite a few guests camp out. I love the idea of offering a camp site to guests. It makes for low cost lodging and you don't have to worry about a designated driver. 

 camping at wedding
 farm wedding details

Also a fun part of their reception- A pickle bar! I had never seen one before at a wedding and I thought it was such a great idea to add to a barbecue! I can see this being part of my 2017 trends posts that I write at the end of the year! They also had homemade pies and desserts :). 

 pickle bar at wedding
 BBQ wedding buffet
 backyard wedding details 
 maine wedding bands

They had a very relaxed flow to the day and it just so happened that their first dance started pretty close to sunset and I was able to photograph it backlit- something I LOVE doing, but rarely get the chance to during receptions unless I sneak couples away for a few minutes. Even so, I also stole them away for sunset photos ! I guess I'm a tad greedy like that. 

 farm first dance
 maine wedding photography
 wedding farm photos
 father and bride 
 mother and groom

As the sun went down we took a few group shots in front of the beautiful silhouette of Mount Katahdin. Then it was onto the celebration. 

 girlfriends at wedding
 weddings near mount katahdin 
 backyard wedding night
 party guests
 bride and brother dancing

Congratulations you two! I feel like one lucky duck that I got to photograph so much love and joy! Wishing you many years of happy marriage <3

 family on wedding day

If you are considering me to be your wedding photography I suggest you get in touch as soon as possible! 2018 is about half full and I'm loving getting to meet and photograph the engagement sessions of all of next year's couples. 

Caswell Farm Wedding/ Katy and Alex

 Maine Barn Wedding Venue

I am so thrilled to share the wedding of Katy and Alex! They chose to get married at Caswell Farm in Gray, Maine. It was my first time at this fantastic venue and I hope to return again very soon! The quaint barn with the eclectic upper level, greenery and bistro lights was so fun to shoot in and around. Katy and Alex went with a dinosaur theme which was bright, colorful and fun. They had friends from all over in attendance, including a big portion of guests that traveled all the way from New York where Katy and Alex live. After hearing very moving speeches by a number of guests during the reception it was easy to understand why so many made the trip to be present at their special day. I had so many favorite parts of the day that it's hard to narrow them down, but the ceremony, bridal party portraits in front of the barn, our quick mini photo shoot in the barn, and the pinata are definitely up there. By the way I'm LOVING seeing pinatas at a few weddings this year. I'm hoping it's a trend that sticks! Thank you so much for having me there Katy and Alex! Here are a few favorites from the day. 

 caswell farm gray maine
 blue wedding ring
 wedding wooden signs
 bride getting hair done
 Caswell Farm Gray Maine&nbsp;
 black and white wedding photography

It had rained a bit that morning, but stopped before pictures so when I saw this little sign I had to snap a pic.

 rain rain go away sign
 bride with baby
 wedding photos with trees
 woodsy wedding photos
 mom helping with boutonniere
 different shades of blue bridesmaids
 wedding barn groomsmen pictures
 brooklyn whisky
 dinosaur themed wedding

Right before the ceremony I followed Katy and Alex, wondering what they were doing and found then in the upper level of the barn rehearsing their vows. insert heart eye emoji here. 

 the barn at caswell farm

and I caught them again having this sweet moment right before the ceremony. I think all couples should make sure to have a few moments alone on their wedding day. It helps give the two of you time to really take it all in as the day can go by so fast. 

 happy couple
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 bride and groom at ceremony
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 caswell wedding barn ceremony site
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 wedding guests laughing
 bride and groom enter
 happy couple dancing
 wedding toasts
 groomsmen toast
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 maine wedding signature drink
 wedding pinata
 dinosaur pinata
 blue and green dinosaur dress
 giant jenga at wedding
 man playing jenga
 juggling at a wedding
 moms talking at wedding
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 upper level barn
 bride with dad
 mother and son
 wedding dollar dance
 dance dip
 brothers at wedding
 couple dancing at wedding reception
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