Summer 2017 Little Things

old orchard beach summer

Well what with Labor day all come and gone I guess it's time to accept it. Our gorgeous Maine summer is on it's way out. In lue of the monthly 'little things' that I never got around to posting these past few months I wanted to put together a little ode to summer with some of my favorite instagram moments from that wonderful season. 

moore manor lavender 

This lavender field should have a song written about her. She made a whole month of my summer complete. I went more than once and even ran into friends! Each time I could have stayed longer. It was the deepest breath of fresh air I've had in a long time and boy with the wedding season going strong I loved the short break of calm. I bought some lavender sugar from the stand they had and on a day when I decided absolutely no work was to be done I made these lavender chocolate cookies below. I know, it sounds odd, but really the lavender and chocolate went together very well. 

lavender cookies
Urban Sugar Doughnuts

Oh! Oh! I was a bridesmaid in a wedding! My dear friend Caitlin (whom you've seen on this blog here) got married to a wonderful man. Myself and her closest girlfriends got to be by her side for it and I was so happy to be included in that. The wedding was at Point Lookout in Northport, ME. As you can see above Urban Sugar Doughnuts was there and boy do I hope some of my weddings use them. They were ah-mazing!

being a bridesmaid

This happened... 

harry potter kids costume

and my world was perfect for those two hours. I've always hoped that Julian would want to dress as Harry Potter for Halloween one year, but he's a big believer that Halloween is for SCARY things and wouldn't have any part in it. Luckily Bangor had a Harry Potter Birthday Celebration for good ol' HP's birthday. We went in costume of course and thus my dreams became a reality. 

Old Orchard Beach Playland

We had one awesome fun packed day at Old Orchard Beach. Julian happens to be the perfect height for Palace Playland. He is short enough to ride the calmer kid rides and tall enough to do most of the big kid rides. I think that is such a glorious pocket of height in a childhood!

fourth of july bar harbor

We spent our third fourth of July in a row in Bar Harbor Maine. It's hands down our favorite spot to visit in the summer and that town sure knows how to do an independence day celebration! There was a parade, seafood festival, and the most amazing fireworks show. I love going back every year and making new memories. 

blueberry picking in maine

We picked all the fruit we possibly could! Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It's an activity we all enjoy and we go every year. It's nice to look back at past photos we took at the same spot and see the growth of our family. I can't believe we're onto apples now! 

Like always it was a busy and beautiful one and it's so hard to let go of! I hope you had a great summer as well and are ready for all the fun of fall! 

March Little Things

Seeing as it's MAY 3RD!?!?! Can you believe!? I thought I should finally post some little things from all the way back in March. It was a fun month with lots of activities that I welcomed as the final weeks of the cold long winter can be grueling. It was so nice to look forward to some really fun things. As always you can see more little things on my instagram @cassandrahphoto and NOW on snap chat (my new favorite social media tool) @cassandrahenri. 

Lorax Kids Costume

Julian's school celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday with a week long celebration. For one of the days all the kids got to dress up as their favorite Dr. Suess character. Julian knew from the beginning that he wanted to be the Lorax and that he wanted to speak for the trees! 

The school put on their a chorus concert with a rock and roll theme. This was Julian's first time on stage and I loved getting to see him up there in front of everyone. The kids practiced so hard and did such a great job. 

portland graffiti sign

Derek and I made a trip down to Portland to see our friends in the play, The Crucible. It was put on by the Portland Players and we loved it. 

While in Portland we went to Barcade a bar/classic arcade. Video games aren't really my thing but I was pretty proud of the score I got at Tetris and Derek was in heaven. 

Portland Maine Restaurants 

It had been awhile since I visited Portland and I was so excited about all the restaurants that seemed to have popped up since my last visit. We had dinner at our favorite, OTTO and Easter brunch at Sur Lie

Maine snow days

We had quite a few snow days in March. Julian's snow days never coincided with Derek's at the University, which was funny to us since their schools are within a mile of each other. We were stretched thin in our indoor play ideas, but made it work! Julian and I played many games and it was during one of the snow days that he learned to play Go Fish! This boy got way too much enjoyment out of telling me to Go Fish! 

We were invited for lunch one Sunday to the home of one of Derek's co-workers. They live on a farm with SO many animals that Julian loved getting to fed. My favorites were these three lovelies above. 

Kids movie night

Another winter past time of ours was the classic movie night. It felt like we'd been circulating Up, Shrek, and Toy Story for four straight weeks. 

Julian LOVES to cook. he also loves pancakes. I love that they are pretty easy to make and that I can get him to where his chef's hat and apron while cooking. 

As far as Marches go this past one was a great one. I usually find it to be the hardest month as I'm so ready for warm weather and the season to start. This time around, hunkering down and withstanding the last of winter wasn't hard at all. But boy am I ready for the season to begin! I found some blooms at one of my favorite places to shoot the other day and I was giddy! I'll be sharing some little moments from April tomorrow! See you then! 

April Little Things

And onto April! We're almost caught up! April was a BLAST. We had a lot of fun things going on and the weather finally started showing signs of Spring toward the end. Here's a peek at how we spent the fourth month of 2016! 

Maine Family Ball

The FAMILY BALL! We three attended the Orono Family Ball held by Julian's school. I had many favorite moments from the day, but I know I'll always remember Julian and Derek getting ready for the dance in Julian's room. Julian had a suit and bow tie to put on and He would NOT let me in to see before he was all suited up! I knocked so many times, eager to see all that cuteness in a bow tie, just to hear Julian yell, "I'm NOT ready yet!" It was so cute. I held a photo booth for a portion of the dance. The right picture is one of my favorite photos of my two handsome dates ever. 

Maine Rainy Days

As always, April's weather was all over the place. There was no really heavy snowfall though so I can't complain! That one week where it got into the 70's we were outside as much as possible. Julian starts T-Ball practice today so one day we went and looked around the field that he'll practice on. The rain also gave us an excuse to take out our favorite umbrella again.

Kids in Acadia Maine

Turns out Julian loves to hike and maybe I do too! His April break fell during National Park Week when all entrance fees are waived. So one day we headed over to Acadia National Park. We did the Cadillac Summit loop, which is a great one to do with kids because you still get all the views without having to actually climb a mountain (We are novices here!) and the Jordan Pond Loop. The Jordan Pond Loop was really fun! About a third of it is made up of boards to walk on and even has some rocky parts that made Julian feel like he was conquering Everest. Since that first hiking day we've also climbed Chick Hill. 

Kids in orono Maine

I know, I know, enough about the weather, but when it finally turns it deserves a few acknowledgements. Every time winter ends and it's actually enjoyable to head outside it's like you get to rediscover your surroundings again. We've been taking as many walks as possible . 

We had a movie night and Julian got to view The Princess Bride for the first time ever in his LIFE. That just felt like it deserved a moment all it's own! 

Styled Shoot at Frenchs Poing

I got to be part of a styled bridal shoot with two of my great photographer friends Lexi Lowell and Kate Crabtree. We got to use the gorgeous French's Point in Stockton Springs Maine as our backdrop. We had florals from Morningtide Garden and hair and make up from Dana Bement! I also got to see two of my past brides, Mellisa and Torey as they were our models. It was such a fun chance to work with other creatives and practice shooting before the actual season started.  

And now to May! The start of the season! I have quite a few engagement sessions this month and then three weddings in June! We're doing it! If you're interested in booking a session with me please contact me over here, I'd love to see you for my 2016 season. 

January Little Things

It's one of my 2016 resolutions to celebrate the little things more. A perfect prompt to get my "little things" posts going again. You can find more little things on my instagram account: @cassandrahphoto .

Maine Photographer

-We spent our NYE in a hotel because of a constant unbearable beep that was coming from our fire alarm. It started beeping at about 10am and after finding out that there was no one that would be able to come fix it until the next day we high tailed it out of there. It ended up being quite the adventure and a great end to our 2015.

-We are still in celebration mode from our engagement. My mother sent me the beautiful flowers. 

Photographers in Bangor Maine

-While this winter has been unusually warm we were able to get some sledding in after a storm a couple weeks ago. Julian loves sledding but after one mishap involving a ditch he doesn't like to go tooo fast any more. 

-We've been trying to find indoor ways to let that 5 year old energy out! The bounce houses at Playland Adventures have been doing the job.

Maine Winter

-With the movie coming out and a Christmas chock full of light sabers, Star Wars has been a HUGE topic of discussion and play in our home. 

-Movies, moves, MOVIES. Unfortunately Derek and Julian have completely different tastes in films then I do. They love the old horror classics and Young Frankenstein, which I've seen enough times to now be able to quote along with them. 

Photos on Instagram

-We had one lovely Sunday afternoon exploring the Maine Discovery museum in Bangor Maine. Julian LOVED all the exhibits including their new water works one. I had so much fun watching him explore. 

I hope you get the chance to enjoy your little things! 

Slow days

While the 'slow season' in Maine wedding photography never feels that 'slow' I have found myself with extra time to devote to little things that during the summer I just quickly skimp over. You know, important things, like cookies from scratch. The pace of the colder months allots for more attention to detail. While I used to think of it as boring, I've come to appreciate that extra time. The balance of a slow winter with the coming exciting summer is a perfect flow for me.

heart cookies

So then, cookies. I've been trying to stop relying on my phone so much. Because of this when Julian and I wanted to make sugar cookies and needed a recipe, instead of turning to the Pinterest app on my phone I stopped myself and went for, and get this, a book. The Better Homes and Gardens cook book that I got at a yard sale years ago. I think it's true what they say about those trusted classics. They are worth keeping around. We even made our own frosting, something I've never done. It was a night of milestones! Wedding season will be here soon enough and I'm so looking forward to it.

But for now we'll keep enjoying the slow pace of winter And we'll eat cookies.  

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