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Venue Highlight: Weddings at Josias River Farm

Cape Neddick Maine Wedding Photographer

Weddings at Josias River Farm

In the past year I was introduced to so many new Maine wedding venues. Being a Maine Wedding Photographer means that I have the awesome opportunity to visit all sorts of unique and gorgeous places. It turned out that 80% of the weddings I photographed in 2016 were held at venues that I hadn't shot at before. It's opened my view of the Maine wedding industry even more and has been a great experience to get creative and challenge myself in different settings. To celebrate this and to share the venues I've now put under my belt to potential couples considering me for their wedding I decided to bring back my "Venue Highlight" series. 

Josias River Farm Maine

The first venue from last season that I'd like to talk about is the Josias River Farm in Cape Neddick Maine. I photographed Rory and John's wedding there in September of 2016 and I was floored! Floored by the natural elements, the beauty, the helpful owners, and by a darling goat named Edna, she blew be away quite frankly. I'd like to introduce you to her... 

Cape Neddick Maine Wedding Photographer

and here she is again with the full bridal party...

Josias River Farm Wedding Photographer

In addition to Edna, the grounds are stunning. Just look at the ceremony site! It's whimsical and set up to be easily functional for a wedding ceremony with dramatic arches and paths along to the arbor. The tree coverage is also ideal for shade in case your wedding is on a bright sunny day. Right by the ceremony area is an spot perfect for a tent where you and your guests can dine before heading to the barn for dancing. 


Another plus to having your wedding at Josias River Farm is that it's very close to the coast! You can have a rustic, woodsy backdrop at the farm and then travel a little ways to get a nautical backdrop. For Rory and John's wedding we did just that and took their bridal portraits near marginal way in Ogunquit. 

Maine Wedding Photographers rj
Wedding Photos Marginal Way

Another couple of perks to Josias River Farm- There is a farm house on site where you can wait and watch through windows as guests arrive, and the size of the barn is a good one to hold all your guests for dancing with a lofted area perfect for a photo booth and a built in bar. 

If you're looking for a rustic, fairy tale like setting in driving distance of the ocean then Josias River Farm is for you! I look forward to the day when I'll get to shoot there again. 

Places I've Photographed: The East Wind Inn

Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer

Rockport Maine Wedding Photographers

The next venue I'd like to talk about in my "Places I've Photographed" series is, The East Wind Inn in Rockport Maine. I photographed Hannah and Katie's wedding there last summer and have nothing but good things to say about it! Weddings at the East Wind Inn are intimate, bright, and cozy. There are many reasons to consider having your wedding there, but like in my posts before I will sum it up in 3 of my favorite things about the sweet venue.

Wonderfully lit Dining Area and the food. The dining area at the East Wind Inn has many large windows making it perfect for photos. Also- they have their own kitchen and amazing menu! I can speak from first hand experience that the food there is delicious! 

Weddings at the East Wind Inn
Rockport Maine Wedding

Many beautiful spaces in one spot. You could get ready, get married, have your dinner, and host your reception all at The East Wind inn. The one location has many different areas and each area has a different feel to it. So while they are all together it seems as if you go somewhere else with each transition of the day. The rooms for getting ready, the harbor overlooking the water (I'll talk about this in my next topic) for the ceremony, the beautiful deck for cocktail hour, the dining room for dinner and then the Quarry Tavern (located on the bottom floor) for drinks and dancing.

cocktail hour

The harbor. The East Wind Inn sits on a beautiful harbor overlooking the ocean and many cute boats. People bring their chairs out to sit and watch the amazing sunset. It's PERFECT for the sunset photos that I love to take my couples out for. I had so much fun photographing Katie and Hannah out there. This spot was within easy walking distance of the inn. 

two brides
Wedding Pictures

A huge part of what I love about being a Maine wedding photographer is that my job takes me to beautiful corners of Maine to find gems like The East Wind Inn. I hope to photograph their again one day. If you're looking for a venue for your wedding I would highly recommend it!

Morgan Hill Event Center/ Hermon Maine

Hermon Maine Wedding Photographer

The next venue in my "places I've photographed weddings" series is, Morgan Hill Event Center in Hermon, Maine

All Maine Wedding Photographers will tell you that the variety of venues across the state is HUGE. You can get married on the beach, on a cliff, in the woods, on a mountain, at a resort...the list is endless. Morgan Hill is located in Hermon, Maine and I've gotten to photograph weddings there a couple of times as well as assist other photographers there. Here are 3 reasons I look forward to shooting at Morgan Hill. 

THE SPACE. The space is beautiful and LARGE. If you have your wedding there there will be no bumping into others or cramped feeling. The high ceilings make it feel even more spacious and grand.  

Morgan Hill Event Center Hermon Maine Weddings

ALL IN ONE SPOT: The convenience of being able to have every part of your wedding in one spot is really something to consider when picking your venue. I'm talking about the getting ready portion, the ceremony, and the reception. Additionally Morgan Hill has an in house caterer, making it even more inclusive. 

Weddings at Morgan Hill Hermon Maine

THE SUNSET: If you are getting married at Morgan Hill sunset photos are a MUST. I love to photograph couples in front of the fountain and in the fields during that time of day. The light is golden, low, and beautiful. Some of my favorite pictures ever were taken at Morgan Hill at sunset. 

Hermon Maine Wedding Photographers
Morgan Hill Weddings Hermon maine
Hermon maine Morgan hill
Wedding Photographers in Hermon Maine

Make sure to consider having your wedding at Morgan Hill! It's a lovely gem!

Maine Wedding Venues: The Colony

Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photographer

The Colony Hotel Kennebunkport

I want to take some time to highlight the amazing venues I've gotten to photograph weddings in. Being a Maine Wedding Photographer means that I have opportunities to shoot at some of the most beautiful venues in America. There's many reasons why people come from all over to wed in our beautiful state and the many awesome venues it has is one of them. First up, I'd like to talk about The Colony. I love photographing weddings at The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport Maine. It sits right on the coast and has a very classic feel to it. I could go on and on about why it is so great, but so that this post isn't 10 pages long I will just share three of my favorite reasons why I love shooting there. 

The Rooms. The rooms at The Colony are all so gorgeous and the wallpaper speaks to my soul ;). I get giddy being able to photograph details and people getting ready in front of the lovely floral backdrops. 

Weddings at the colony hotel 
Maine Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photographers in Kennebunkport Maine

The Ceremony sites. Weather permitting many of the ceremonies are held on site on The Colony's lawn with an amazing view of the ocean and a beautiful stone aisle to walk down. It's stunning to look at and the stone reflects light on those who walk down it beautifully. The set up, with lots of open space around it, allows me to walk all around the ceremony to get neat shots. 

Kennebunkport Maine Wedding Photography
The Colony Hotels Weddings Maine
The Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Maine
Kennebunk Maine Weddings

If it is raining the ceremony is moved into one of their gorgeous ballrooms that are beautifully lit and decorated. So rain or shine your ceremony will be beautiful. 

Laura and the whole staff!. The Colony's wedding coordinator, Laura. Laura is insanely good at her job and you can tell from working with her that she loves what she does. The rest of the staff members that I got to interact with were also just as happy to assist in the wedding day. The team there was very good at making the wedding day go seamlessly. 

Wedding Photographers near Kennebunkport Maine

Get married at The Colony! Your wedding will be beautiful! I am so looking forward to photographing weddings there this summer.