Places in Portland Maine for Wedding Photos

Portland Maine Wedding Photos

I have photographed quite a few weddings in the Portland Maine area and I've determined that it's a great place to hold a wedding for many reasons. 1. There are many awesome wedding venues and vendors 2. It's a city right on the water so you can get two totally different vibes (downtown and nautical). 3. There are SO MANY beautiful spots to take photos. In my years as a wedding photographer I've developed a love for shooting in Portland Maine and I've got my top choices for wedding photo spots in the area narrowed down.

1. The Cobblestones 

Wedding Photographers in Portland Maine

I mean, come on. The old city feel...the reflected light...sigh...  There are few things I wouldn't do to get to photograph on these little stones again. Luckily I wont' have to wait long (only three weeks until wedding season starts!!! ;) ). This and the first photo in this post were taken on Wharf Street in the Old Port and are from Elise and Kevin's wedding last October

2. Spring point ledge

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point Ledge lighthouse is in Southern Maine right next to Southern Maine Community College (practically attached). I LOVE photographing here, because it has a lot going on in one spot. There is no driving in between necessary to get to all of them. All within easy walking distance you'll find a lighthouse, the SMCC campus, a rocky beach area, a sandy beach area, and grassy trails. For Olivia's senior portraits (here) we used all of the spots and I couldn't have been happier with how the session turned out. 

2. Deering Oaks Park

Wedding photos Portland Maine

Deering Oaks Park is Portland's own little Central Park! A big old forest right in the middle of a city. Adding it to your photo stop list is great way to get a more natural/woodsy feel. The park has an awesome bridge (in back of above photo), a pond with plenty of ducks, and gorgeous tall greenery. 

3. Portland City Hall

Portland Maine City Hall

Isn't there just something so sweet about a freshly married couple walking away from a city hall? It makes me giddy. Portland's city hall isn't to shabby either. The dramatic staircase, the arches, iron gates, the interesting corners of architecture, and the gold lettering all make for a really neat place for photos. 

4. Bug Light Park 

Places for photos Portland Maine

Bug Light is the sweetest victorian style lighthouse you'll ever see. It has a long narrow stone getty going out to it, really pretty detail along the trim, and it's just so stinkin' cute! I've photographed there a couple of times including Gina and Harry's engagement session last July. 

5.Fort Williams park

Fort Williams Maine Wedding Pictures   

While not EXACTLY in Portland, Fort Williams Park is right over the bridge in Cape Elizabeth. It has a few different elements that make it a hot spot for photos. There is a beach area, rocky cliffs, a grass lawn with an old rustic stone building, and oh yeah... the most photographed lighthouse in Maine, the Portland Head Light. I loved getting to photograph in this park last year for Katelyn and Mike's wedding

If you are getting married in Portland Maine be sure to consider some of these spots for your photos!

Maine Wedding Trends of 2016

I know a lot of my 2017 and 2018 couples are in the thick of wedding planning right now. There's so many different trends and opinions and options about how you should plan your wedding. I thought I'd put together some of the new and neat trends I noticed while actually IN the field for inspiration. Enjoy!  

1. Day of Maps!

Wedding day guest maps

If your ceremony site is different from your reception venue you might want to consider sending your guests a wedding day map! Not only is it a great way to make sure everyone knows where they are going, it can be a really sweet keepsake from the day. This map was from Laura and John's wedding at Wolf's Neck Farm in Freeport Maine. I thought it was such a neat addition to the day's details that I photographed the ring with it.

2. Out-of-the-box lawn games

Wedding lawn games

Lawn games are a great way to add some entertainment to your cocktail hour or reception. Mary and Ryan's wedding at Coolidge Family Farm in New Gloucester had a giant size pong game going! There was also giant sized Jenga, Connect 4, and bean bag toss. The guests had so much fun at this cocktail hour! 

3. Unique Guest Books

unique wedding guest books

I love the tradition of guest books. The day goes by so fast and a guest book is a great way to hold on to a little moment with each person. Over my years as a wedding photographer I've seen wedding guest books get more and more unique! I loved these wooden hearts at Whitney and Christopher's wedding at the New England Outdoor Adventure Center

4. Black and White Color Scheme 

black and white bridesmaid dresses

When talking details with a couple I think I get most excited about the color scheme they are going with. It always says so much about the 'feel' they are going for. This year I've seen an increase in the amount of black and white color schemes at weddings. I love the classic and clean look of it. For Kate and Mason's wedding at the Royal Oaks Room in Lewiston Maine the colors worked perfectly. Kate had her bridesmaids in black with white pearls. The two colors were also paired all throughout their reception. 

5. Cascading Bridal Bouquets 

bridal bouquet 

I love a flowy, whimsical Bridal bouquet! Rory's bouquet from her wedding to John at Josias River Farm in Cape Neddick Maine was a VISION. The flowers were grown and the bouquet designed by Flour and they did a fabulous job with the bouquets and the table flowers at the reception. 

6. Versatile Wedding Gowns 

bar harbor maine wedding

I LOVED Gina's wedding gown from her and Harry's wedding at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine. Not only was it stunning it was versatile! Part of the dress was made to be worn two ways. For the ceremony she wore the delicate lace at the sleeves of her dress as a second sleeve draped at the top of her arms. For the Reception she could button them together at the back to add a beautiful detail to the back of the dress. You can see both ways she wore them below. 

The first look: 

Atlantic Oceanside Hotel Weddings

The second look:

Bar Harbor Maine Weddings

7. Old Fashion Cars as Photo Props 

2016 wedding trends
Wedding Photographers near Augusta Maine

Two of my couples last year, Mary and Ryan, and Kate and Mason opted to have old fashion cars as part of their formal portraits and I have to say, I LOVED it. They added a lot to each formal photo session and fit well with each wedding. 

8. Wedding Coloring Books

games for kids at weddings

A new idea and something for the kids to really get into was wedding day coloring books. Elyse and Andrew put these out for the children at their wedding and it was a great way to make things interactive for them! I also saw legos and mad libs at the reception.

9. Doughnuts! 

wedding doughnut bar

doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts! Who doesn't love a doughnut! I've seen them as part of a wedding dessert bar a few times this year. The above apple cider doughnuts were part of Elise and Kevin's Portland Maine wedding. I've also heard of couples having a doughnut truck come to their reception! 

10. Taking a few moments to be alone

Cape Elizabeth Maine Wedding Photos

Three of my couples last season, including Katelyn and Mike, put it into their timeline that the bride and groom had 15 minutes together alone. It usually fell just after the ceremony as they walked out and left. I think this idea is wonderful and a great way for a couple to catch their breath and take everything in. The day goes by so fast and setting aside a few moments to stop and remember just what it's all about really helps you get the most out of your day.

So there you have it! I hope this helps inspire those that are planning weddings right now. If you are interested in hiring me as your wedding photographer you can contact me HERE. 2017 is about 3/4ths booked and I've started booking 2018 weddings as well. 

Maine Wedding Inspiration: Shoes

This is a post about shoes. Beautiful. Beautiful. Shoes. Shoes fit for a bride! I went through the archives of this blog and pulled all the photos of shoes that were posted so that they could get their rightful time to shine. Brides will find lots of support from family and friends on their big day, but none compare to the support you get from your shoes. 

Maine Wedding Photographer
Maine Weddings
Maine Wedding Photographers
flat white shoes
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Maine Wedding Photography
Portland Maine Wedding Photographer
I do on shoes
cowgirl boots for wedding shoes
Wedding shoes
Yellow brides shoes
Wedding sandels

Maine Wedding Inspiration/ Pantone's color of the year

For 2016 Pantone announced not one but TWO colors of the year. A duo if you will. They are, Rose quartz and serenity and they are gorgeous! I love how romantic, ethereal, and delicate they both are while being at the same time so different. Having many similar qualities while being so unlike, make them an intriguing combination that flow together very well. 

As a Maine Wedding Photographer I get giddy over wedding details and colors. It's so fun for me to hear what my couples envision for their day and see how it all plays out. I put together a little pinterest board with some of my favorite rose quartz and serenity wedding details for fun.

Wedding Photographers on Pinterest

To see more inspiration and what else I'm pinning, I hope to see you over on Pinterest

Have a great weekend! 

Inspiration: Personalized Postage.

I ask all my couples to send me a wedding invitation so that I have one on hand the day of to photograph with all their other wedding day details. When one of my June wedding invitations came in the mail  I noticed that they had personalized stamps with an anchor, their wedding theme, and wedding date from I loved the extra signature detail and wanted some for Cassandra Henri Photography. I was impressed with the quality and timeliness that they were delivered in. I'd definitely recommend zazzle if you're looking for personalized postage for your own mailing wether it be a wedding, birth announcement, Christmas card, birthday invitation... any type of snail mail you like!