a photo everyday of 2018/ week: 1

Hello! Welcome to this new, big, exciting, and sometimes very overwhelming if I think about it too much project I am taking on for 2018! After being so inspired by the work of one of my favorite Maine family photographers, Kristina O'brien and her own 365 project, I decided to try it out for the year. Everyday for all the 365 days of 2018 I will take a photo of my world to share. I love capturing all the special moments of my clients, but sometimes I can get so caught up in everyone else's stories that I forget to focus and take in my own. Also- we are only a week in and the benefits of putting in the work to document a part of each day have made themselves clear. I could be having a "meh" day but forcing myself to pull out my camera and take a picture of whats around me reminds myself of how truly lucky I am. Since a large portion of my focus each day is my child, Julian I checked in with him and he is on board! I take so many photos of this kid that I think when I told him "Just one picture a day", he thought YES! JUST ONE! not a zillion like normal.  I'll be taking them daily and recapping them weekly here on my blog. Here is the first batch. Week one of 2018! Happy New Year!

maine lifestyle photography

January 1st 2018 " - 8 degrees"

maine photographers

January 2nd 2018 "dinner company"

kids dance to taylor swift

January 3rd 2018 "look what you made me do"

kids and vegetables

january 4th 2018 "5 more greenbeans"

cat on couch

January 5th "all curled up"

growing up in Maine

January 6th 2018 "Arctic blast"

messy table

January 7th 2018 "Lets pretend"