A photo everyday of 2018/ week 3

Week 3! It was another week of mostly staying inside for us. Although I love Maine winters I'm really not built for this kind of cold. We've continued to find things to do inside our home and have been enjoying each other's company and that of a few visitors. I've also been anticipating the start of warmer weather with a few more 2018 wedding bookings (3 just last week!). I'm loving how this project has kept me practicing in the off season and learning new things. Until next week! Stay warm! 

kids reading together

January 15th 2018 "Reading with Bella"

kid doing homework

January 16th 2018 "Do your homework"

kid in covers

January 17th 2018 "Covers"

create wall hanging 

January 18th 2018 "Create"

jack and the beanstalk

january 19th 2018 "Julian's favorite book"

glow in the dark stars

January 20th 2018 "Julian's stars"

whole 30 diet

January 21st 2018 "plans"