a photo everyday of 2018/ week 2

Wow! Week two of my 365 project was a little tricky. It was the busiest week I've had in awhile with lots of covering shifts and happily wedding bookings for my 2018 season! I did however manage to stop and take a photo each day. The cold temperatures and early sunsets made it so all of my work had to be taken inside usually after sun down. This isn't a problem but outdoors with natural light is my jam and I'm so looking forward to the day when I can actually go outside with my camera again. Looking back at this week, although I wish my lighting conditions had been better, I realize it's forced me to practice in less-than-ideal circumstances and I'm really happy to have these moments in the books! Julian had lots of fun with his friends, we congratulated my mother on her new job, and I redecorated my living room bookshelf. From big to small these moments are documented and I treasure each one! I hope you had a great week! Here's to the next half of January. 

365 family project

January 8th 2018 "New Toy"

Bud Light Friendly Hour

January 9th 2018 "Friendly Hour"

boys saying contgratulations

January 10th 2018 "Congratulations Gammie"

flipazoo toy

January 11th 2018 "Flip-a-zoo"

light up fidget spinner

January 12th 2018 "wacky hat day"

HUGS letters

January 13th 2018 "Shark HUGS"

blessings jar

January 14th 2018 "Blessings"