Summer 2017 Little Things

old orchard beach summer

Well what with Labor day all come and gone I guess it's time to accept it. Our gorgeous Maine summer is on it's way out. In lue of the monthly 'little things' that I never got around to posting these past few months I wanted to put together a little ode to summer with some of my favorite instagram moments from that wonderful season. 

moore manor lavender 

This lavender field should have a song written about her. She made a whole month of my summer complete. I went more than once and even ran into friends! Each time I could have stayed longer. It was the deepest breath of fresh air I've had in a long time and boy with the wedding season going strong I loved the short break of calm. I bought some lavender sugar from the stand they had and on a day when I decided absolutely no work was to be done I made these lavender chocolate cookies below. I know, it sounds odd, but really the lavender and chocolate went together very well. 

lavender cookies
Urban Sugar Doughnuts

Oh! Oh! I was a bridesmaid in a wedding! My dear friend Caitlin (whom you've seen on this blog here) got married to a wonderful man. Myself and her closest girlfriends got to be by her side for it and I was so happy to be included in that. The wedding was at Point Lookout in Northport, ME. As you can see above Urban Sugar Doughnuts was there and boy do I hope some of my weddings use them. They were ah-mazing!

being a bridesmaid

This happened... 

harry potter kids costume

and my world was perfect for those two hours. I've always hoped that Julian would want to dress as Harry Potter for Halloween one year, but he's a big believer that Halloween is for SCARY things and wouldn't have any part in it. Luckily Bangor had a Harry Potter Birthday Celebration for good ol' HP's birthday. We went in costume of course and thus my dreams became a reality. 

Old Orchard Beach Playland

We had one awesome fun packed day at Old Orchard Beach. Julian happens to be the perfect height for Palace Playland. He is short enough to ride the calmer kid rides and tall enough to do most of the big kid rides. I think that is such a glorious pocket of height in a childhood!

fourth of july bar harbor

We spent our third fourth of July in a row in Bar Harbor Maine. It's hands down our favorite spot to visit in the summer and that town sure knows how to do an independence day celebration! There was a parade, seafood festival, and the most amazing fireworks show. I love going back every year and making new memories. 

blueberry picking in maine

We picked all the fruit we possibly could! Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. It's an activity we all enjoy and we go every year. It's nice to look back at past photos we took at the same spot and see the growth of our family. I can't believe we're onto apples now! 

Like always it was a busy and beautiful one and it's so hard to let go of! I hope you had a great summer as well and are ready for all the fun of fall!