Portland Maine Wedding Photographer/ Megan and Jacque

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I met Megan in college while we were both on the UMaine dance team. I was in awe of her grace, beauty, and charism from the start. Girl sparkles. I have memories of hanging out with her and Ashley (whom would end up being her maid of honor) in their dorm room in Hart hall. I have a specific memory of making shirts with Ashley to wear to Megan's performance in the UMaine singing talent competition. A sort of college level American idol where she of course rocked it. Since then I've been able to watch her journey after college via social media and I've loved following along while she traveled the world, met Jacque, and got engaged. I knew whomever she was going to end up being with must be a really special person and so I was really excited to meet Jacque and to get to be a part of their wedding day. 

Now, when it comes to putting together a wedding these two ran into some hurdles. Everyone knows planning a wedding can be stressful and I've heard many of triumphs but the story of their rehearsal dinner takes the cake. When I showed up the day of I was told the story of the night before. Their rehearsal dinner of 30 people was all set and planned until one hour before it was about to start when Megan got a call from the restaurant saying that a pepsi truck had crashed nearby and caused their power to go out. They had to cancel. Immediately Megan's maid of honor went into crisis mode and with the help of the Westin's front desk was able to organize a rehearsal dinner for 30 people with printed menus and wait staff in under an hour. I take that to all mean one thing--- meant to be! The next day went smoothly with no such bumps in the road. A highlight for me was photographing the ceremony in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a STUNNING church. Also, photographing their portraits at Portland City Hall. 

Thank you so much for having me Megan and Jacque! It was a beautiful experience. 

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Photographer: Cassandra Henri Photography

Second Shooter: Autumn Bliss Photography

Church: Cathedral of the Church of the Immaculate Conception 

Reception Venue: Mariners Church Banquet Center

DJ: Dionne Entertainment