Maine Lifestyle Photographer/ Baby Jackson

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This blog has watched the Driscoll family from it's very start! From Amy and Roscoe's engagement pictures, to their wedding, to now THIS gorgeous wonder. This beautiful boy is named Jackson Timothy Driscoll. This past fall I came for my very first visit with this love monster and of course- brought my camera. It's best that these love muffins get used to me being around with the camera from an early age, because I'mma be there for it ALL Mr. J! Amy of course made his nursery perfect! He lives in the sweetest farm themed room with lots of barn animals. He is one lucky duck! Here are just a few pics that I snapped of him at our first meeting. Love you Mr. Jackson! I am for REAAALLL ;) Get it? Outcast reference??? NO? You're like a baby so you get a pass. 

 baby boy nursery
 baby toes
 farm themed nursery
 mother and son
 maine lifestyle photographer
 baby on changing table
 portrait of mother and baby