Places in Portland Maine for Wedding Photos

Portland Maine Wedding Photos

I have photographed quite a few weddings in the Portland Maine area and I've determined that it's a great place to hold a wedding for many reasons. 1. There are many awesome wedding venues and vendors 2. It's a city right on the water so you can get two totally different vibes (downtown and nautical). 3. There are SO MANY beautiful spots to take photos. In my years as a wedding photographer I've developed a love for shooting in Portland Maine and I've got my top choices for wedding photo spots in the area narrowed down.

1. The Cobblestones 

Wedding Photographers in Portland Maine

I mean, come on. The old city feel...the reflected light...sigh...  There are few things I wouldn't do to get to photograph on these little stones again. Luckily I wont' have to wait long (only three weeks until wedding season starts!!! ;) ). This and the first photo in this post were taken on Wharf Street in the Old Port and are from Elise and Kevin's wedding last October

2. Spring point ledge

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point Ledge lighthouse is in Southern Maine right next to Southern Maine Community College (practically attached). I LOVE photographing here, because it has a lot going on in one spot. There is no driving in between necessary to get to all of them. All within easy walking distance you'll find a lighthouse, the SMCC campus, a rocky beach area, a sandy beach area, and grassy trails. For Olivia's senior portraits (here) we used all of the spots and I couldn't have been happier with how the session turned out. 

2. Deering Oaks Park

Wedding photos Portland Maine

Deering Oaks Park is Portland's own little Central Park! A big old forest right in the middle of a city. Adding it to your photo stop list is great way to get a more natural/woodsy feel. The park has an awesome bridge (in back of above photo), a pond with plenty of ducks, and gorgeous tall greenery. 

3. Portland City Hall

Portland Maine City Hall

Isn't there just something so sweet about a freshly married couple walking away from a city hall? It makes me giddy. Portland's city hall isn't to shabby either. The dramatic staircase, the arches, iron gates, the interesting corners of architecture, and the gold lettering all make for a really neat place for photos. 

4. Bug Light Park 

Places for photos Portland Maine

Bug Light is the sweetest victorian style lighthouse you'll ever see. It has a long narrow stone getty going out to it, really pretty detail along the trim, and it's just so stinkin' cute! I've photographed there a couple of times including Gina and Harry's engagement session last July. 

5.Fort Williams park

Fort Williams Maine Wedding Pictures   

While not EXACTLY in Portland, Fort Williams Park is right over the bridge in Cape Elizabeth. It has a few different elements that make it a hot spot for photos. There is a beach area, rocky cliffs, a grass lawn with an old rustic stone building, and oh yeah... the most photographed lighthouse in Maine, the Portland Head Light. I loved getting to photograph in this park last year for Katelyn and Mike's wedding

If you are getting married in Portland Maine be sure to consider some of these spots for your photos!