Our October!

mummy kids costume

We had the best October! I hope you did too. I think October is shaping up to be my favorite month. Yes, probably just like everyone else, but I really came to appreciate it this year. I got to photograph many sessions and two weddings last month, so I felt like I made the most of it and all it's gorgeous colors. I never paid so much attention to the foliage before I became a photographer. Now I watch it like a hawk and love taking it all in while it's here. So! What were we up to!?...

orono public library

I love our library and this past summer I just didn't get there enough. They host so many great events in addition to all the books and resources they offer. Julian and I have started going back (after I paid a hefty late fee ::embarrassed emoji::). This boy laughed SO HARD at the book he got above. I finally got my hands on Jodi Picoult's latest, "Small Great Things" and with the winding down of the season have enjoyed being able to sit and read. 

dunegrass golf course

Like I said, I was fortunate enough to photograph many sessions in October (here and here)  A few of them were the engagement session of couples whose weddings I will be photographing next year. Victoria and Ben above are one of them which I'll be blogging soon! Finishing out the season getting to meet and work with my couples for next year gets me really pumped! 

halloween 2017

Earlier this month my niece, baby Cassandra came for a visit and for her first ever over night away from her own home! She adjusted easily to a new setting and her and Julian had a blast playing, watching movies, and carving pumpkins! I love the pictures I took of them while carving. Cassandra really knows how to pose for a camera. That might be because I've had one in her face ever since she was born.. She was determined to have a small and happy pumpkin. Julian wanted a scary one that wasn't smiling but in the carving kit we got everything smiled. He settled for a creepy grimace. The next day baby Cassandra had to take that jack-o-lantern of hers everywhere! To the post office, to the gym pool, to the store... her and that pumpkin were inseparable. 

pumpkin carving
girl with pumpkin
girl with jackolantern

I had been searching for a good apple cider recipe because every year it feels like we pick so many and can't use them all up. This slow cooker apple cider recipe was great! I love the effortlessness of using a slow cooker and it made the house smell amazing! We opted to not add caramel and it was still delicious. 

homemade apple cider

And then of course we have the height of October activities- HALLOWEEN. My town does a great job of organizing a town trick or treat with all the downtown businesses getting involved and a trunk or treat for other organizations to get in on the action. Julian had known he'd be a mummy since Halloween last year. He believes that Halloween is only for scary things and rolls his eyes at any cute family themed costumes I think of, because I'm clearly missing the whole point. He did make one very cute mummy though so it was a win-win. My mother made his costume out of his old karate gi. She is so good at sewing! She came out with us for the night an dressed in a matching outfit, also made by her and went as a Grandmummy. 

homemade halloween costumes
mummy costume
halloween orono maine

I hope you are enjoying the last of this semi-warm weather. Now onto the turkey! 

ps- my 2018 season is filling up! I'm about halfway booked with weddings and would love to hear from you if you are considering me to be your wedding photographer :). You can find all my info and contact me here.