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I'm really happy to post some highlights from Mary and Zachary's wedding day finally :) I took their engagement pictures last year (here) when they were expecting. They had an appointment with the doctor that coming week and would be finding out if they were having a boy or a girl. I remember we took a picture with the blue paw prints on the UMaine campus and I suggested that if it were a boy then they could use that photo as a sort of announcement. Well- the blue paw prints were right and they welcomed a gorgeous baby boy to the family! How fun it was to get to photograph Mary dressing him before the wedding when I had last seen them anticipating his arrival! They got married on the property of a relative you happened to have an amazing view of Mount Katahdin in their backyard. Their wedding hashtag was #katahdinviewido for a reason! Mary had told me that their wedding had a big family style feel, which I LOVE. Incorporating family in your big day is a great way to involve others who want so much to help in celebrating the two of you. I started my coverage with Mary and her bridesmaids as they got ready. I loved all the running around of kids and the bustle as they prepared for the day. The energy was really exciting! 

bride and baby getting ready
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The below image is of Mary's engagement and wedding ring, a charm on a necklace that their son wore for the ceremony (See the two parents holding a baby?) and Zachary's wedding band which they had hammered Mount Katahdin on. So very cool and something I hadn't seen before. 

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After everyone was ready we went over to the ceremony site. Mary and Zachary were married by a close friend in a very lively and emotional service. They read their own vows, they cried, there were some Game of Throne's spoilers (they had given a heads up), guests cried, I almost cried. It was so sweet. 

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These two walked out of their ceremony as husband and wife and straight into bridal portraits. It's a great time go catch a couple- when they're newly married and riding on the happiness of that. The sun was shining brilliantly through these trees, which provided a lot of open shade making it a great spot for photos. 

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Then it was onto the reception! Mary and Zachary had quite a few guests camp out. I love the idea of offering a camp site to guests. It makes for low cost lodging and you don't have to worry about a designated driver. 

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Also a fun part of their reception- A pickle bar! I had never seen one before at a wedding and I thought it was such a great idea to add to a barbecue! I can see this being part of my 2017 trends posts that I write at the end of the year! They also had homemade pies and desserts :). 

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They had a very relaxed flow to the day and it just so happened that their first dance started pretty close to sunset and I was able to photograph it backlit- something I LOVE doing, but rarely get the chance to during receptions unless I sneak couples away for a few minutes. Even so, I also stole them away for sunset photos ! I guess I'm a tad greedy like that. 

farm first dance
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As the sun went down we took a few group shots in front of the beautiful silhouette of Mount Katahdin. Then it was onto the celebration. 

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Congratulations you two! I feel like one lucky duck that I got to photograph so much love and joy! Wishing you many years of happy marriage <3

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If you are considering me to be your wedding photography I suggest you get in touch as soon as possible! 2018 is about half full and I'm loving getting to meet and photograph the engagement sessions of all of next year's couples.