September Little Things

Cassandra Henri Maine Wedding Photographer

Now that it's October it's finally starting to feel like fall! We finally have some color! I'm watching the foliage trackers constantly and looking forward to all the color that Maine will be seeing soon. Lots of you want to get in on that and I don't blame you! I've got quite a few sessions lined up from engagements, to families visiting Bar Harbor, to seniors! The variety in sessions is really nice this time of year. Switching it up keeps me refreshed and energized. As for my clan- in September we wrapped up summer and did all the typical September things. We went Apple picking at Treworgy Orchards and we have our pumpkin picked for carving! We also ate way to many apple cider doughnuts. Ah well. Here's a bit of other things we did according to the pictures on my phone! 

UMaine swim lessons

Julian has been swimming three times a week since school started. The University of Maine swim team puts together a program where children can get one on one lessons with a swim team member. He was able to get the same instructor as last time who came back especially to get to work with Julian. Hearing that from her and the swim team couch made my heart so happy! This community is great and so many in it love this sweet boy of ours. 

UMaine Orono Campus

One time when Julian and I were exploring campus he decided to poke around the flowers underneath the UMaine bear. To our surprise he found a toy telescope. Now after every swim lesson we always go out and check underneath the UMaine bear for toys. Nothing to report this season! 

baby boy first birthday

It may have been in August, but I have to mention that we got to celebrate baby Jackson's 1st birthday! His parent's engagement and wedding are on here so it's only fitting that we give him a shout out! Happy first birthday Jackson! 

Portland Maine air bnb

Derek was a groomsmen in one of the weddings I shot at the end of the month. I got to stay in the airbnb with him and the rest of the bridal party the night before the wedding. The airbnb that the groom had found was so unique with lots of interesting pieces of art. I thought this blue guy deserved a mention! Also the wedding was SO FUN and I can't wait to share Allison and Josh's big day on the blog. 

Orono Maine bog walk

Quite a few trips around the Orono Bog Walk were had! We love this walk. It's unique and the distance is just long enough for Julian. He even asked to go around twice last time! 

September in Maine

I'll leave you with this chicken that I got moseying around the apple orchard that made my day! I hope you get to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous season!