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One of my favorite parts of being a Maine wedding photographer is discovering new and beautiful places all across this great state. When I get to find a new place that's literally fifteen minutes from where I've lived for the past 7 years, I'm beyond thrilled! Well, just that happened when a few weeks ago MJ emailed me interested in engagement photos for her and her fiance JP. She had gotten my name from her coworker- Chris. I photographed Chris and Whitney's wedding in September of 2016 (here). I was so flattered that he thought enough of my work to pass my name along to MJ. She wanted to get a couple different vibes and scenery and we bounced a few ideas back and forth. Her and JP settled on starting their engagement session at Hirundo Wildlife Refuge in Alton, Maine. One of their favorite past times is walking the many trails there. I had heard a little bit about the place but had never actually visited. I was so glad to add it to my list of shoot locations and to get acquainted with it to explore on my own personal time. 

engagement photos by river
engagement photos in woods
hirundo wildlife refuce
engagement photos hirundo

We then went over to a place that I am quite familiar with- The University of Maine Littlefield Gardens! I've shot there plenty of times before (here, here, and here ;) ) and always enjoy it.

university of maine orono engagement
UMaine gardens engagement photos

Now- this next one was a new and exciting spot for me. I attended the University of Maine myself and took an active role in the dance department for quite a few years. The dance department is located in the 1944 Hall on the Orono campus. For our performances we danced on the Hauck auditorium stage. MJ runs the shop behind Hauck and does all the scenery and props for the many performances at the school. How neat was it for me to get to do an engagement session in a setting that I knew so well from experiencing it on my own. MJ and JP showed me a bit of what they do in the actual shop together and I photographed them at work. Then we went out onto the stage where we had a lot of fun with the different elements and patterns I found among the sides of the stage. 

stage hand engagement pictures
Backstage Engagement Photos
UMaine School of Performing arts
backstage engagement photos
hauck auditorium backstage

MJ and JP- Thank you both so much for having me take your engagement photos. It was a real treat to get to photograph two people doing something they love and in such a unique setting. Happy wedding planning!!!