Orono Maine Engagement Photographer/ Chloe and Mitchell

For Chloe and Mitchell's engagement session everything just seemed to fall in the right place. The timing, the scene, the people... all of it just worked really well together and I love the pictures we got. I first met Chloe in my first season working as a Maine wedding photographer at her cousin, Olivia's wedding. You can find her acting as a bridesmaid to Olivia in Olivia and Joe's Saco Maine wedding here. I was so happy to be contacted by Chloe two years later to do her own engagement photos.

Engagement Pictures with Lupines

When I asked Chloe what she had in mind for a location she just said, "I like flowers!" Luckily, the date we set for their pictures was right in the middle of the beautiful lupine season. I scoured many areas and fields in the Orono/Bangor area trying to find the best spot. While I was trying to gain the gusto to knock on someone's door to ask if I could use their lupine field, I came across a real gem of a location. 'Breaside' is the historic home of Dr. Edith Patch. If you went to the University of Maine you might recognize her name from the upper class men doors nicknamed, Patch! I turned into the drive way to reverse directions while on my lupin field hunt and quickly realized I had just found it! There was a rustic barn, classic field and lupines with another beautiful red barn in the background. Chloe, Mitchell and I also shot at the University gardens and a couple spots on the Stillwater river.

But first- we started at one of my all time favorites The Lyle E Littlefield Ornamental gardens. I'm no stranger to the location, but every time I shoot there something is always in bloom and I continually find new corners of the place to photograph couples in. I never tire of her! 

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Littlefield Ornamental Gardens UMaine
Engagement pictures in a garden

Then it was over to the Lupine field! Side note- After discovering the place, I went back with my 6 year old nephew, Julian. To get him to help me practice shooting there I had to really make it sound exciting to a small child. I asked him, "Do you want to come help me practice at the new, secret, totally cool Lupine field I found?" He thought about it for a second, "Hmmm.... is it like a Lupine Lair???" I saw where his little imagination was headed, "YES! Exactly. Like a cool secret Lupin LAIR!" He then told me that he would help me out, but only if the spot was kept ours and it was our secret, "You can only take me there... and maybe your brides." So consider yourselves lucky, all whom I've shared this place with! 

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Couple in Lupine field
Engagement Photos taken in Maine
Maine Engagement Photography
Couple in lupine field
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Maine Engagement pictures
Maine Engagement Pictures Inspiration
Boy and girl in field 

Lastly, we went over to the Steam Plant Lot right on the Stillwater river. The light was nice and even and I love the reflection that the trees on the river made. 

Stillwater river Orono Maine
Stillwater River Orono Maine

Thanks for such a fun evening Chloe and Mitchell! Have an amazing summer!