January Little Things

It's one of my 2016 resolutions to celebrate the little things more. A perfect prompt to get my "little things" posts going again. You can find more little things on my instagram account: @cassandrahphoto .

Maine Photographer

-We spent our NYE in a hotel because of a constant unbearable beep that was coming from our fire alarm. It started beeping at about 10am and after finding out that there was no one that would be able to come fix it until the next day we high tailed it out of there. It ended up being quite the adventure and a great end to our 2015.

-We are still in celebration mode from our engagement. My mother sent me the beautiful flowers. 

Photographers in Bangor Maine

-While this winter has been unusually warm we were able to get some sledding in after a storm a couple weeks ago. Julian loves sledding but after one mishap involving a ditch he doesn't like to go tooo fast any more. 

-We've been trying to find indoor ways to let that 5 year old energy out! The bounce houses at Playland Adventures have been doing the job.

Maine Winter

-With the movie coming out and a Christmas chock full of light sabers, Star Wars has been a HUGE topic of discussion and play in our home. 

-Movies, moves, MOVIES. Unfortunately Derek and Julian have completely different tastes in films then I do. They love the old horror classics and Young Frankenstein, which I've seen enough times to now be able to quote along with them. 

Photos on Instagram

-We had one lovely Sunday afternoon exploring the Maine Discovery museum in Bangor Maine. Julian LOVED all the exhibits including their new water works one. I had so much fun watching him explore. 

I hope you get the chance to enjoy your little things!