Tips: Great Getting Ready Photos

As many of my 2016 couples are in the process of planning out their weddings I thought I'd create a few blog posts with tips on how to prepare to get the most out of their wedding photography. I will break these tips down by the part of the day they apply to. The first part of the day I'd like to talk about is the 'Getting ready' portion. I love to photograph this part of the wedding day. Seeing you with your closest friends and family primping and prepping is so fun! The room is filled with great excitement and anticipation. Here are some easy things you can do to get the most out of your wedding photography during the preparation.

Consider your 'Getting Ready' space: A bright, naturally lit space makes for great photos! Big windows, open areas, and light walls will help make your lighting situation ideal. 

Bride getting ready
Bride getting ready

Tidy up: Do a quick sweep of the room before I get there to pick up any stray trash, or garments that you don't want tossed aside in the background of your photos. 

Have your details ready to photograph: The details that I will be photographing the morning of your wedding include your jewelry, shoes, bouquet, invitation suit, hair embellishments, dress, bridesmaid's dresses, pocket squares, tie clips, boutineers, and any other special memento that is important to you.

Wedding flowers

Speaking of mementos...

Let me know about personal mementoes: Make sure I know about the small personal elements that are a part of your details. This could be a blue heart sewn into the inside of your dress, the inside of a locket, an embroidered handkerchief, anything that has special meaning to you! Of course I will get the obvious things, but if there is something personal you have that you want photographed let me know so we get that shot.

Mail me an invitation!: Add me to your invitation list so that I get a copy ahead of time to bring on the day of to photograph. Like all of your details, it helps tie things together and tell the story of your day. 

Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitation

Have your make up done last: If schedule permits it, having your bridesmaid's hair and make up done before yours is ideal. This way when I get reaction shots of them seeing you in your dress, they won't have curlers in their hair ;) 

Mother of the bride
Bridesmaids and Bride

Consider first looks: This doesn't have to be between you and your partner. One of my favorite moments from my last season was the first look we did with Sam and her father. If you want to do a first look we need to work it into your timeline to ensure it doesn't get skipped over. 

Bride and Father

Timeline wise, I like to be there an hour before the bride starts her makeup. This gives me enough time to photograph the details, wedding party relaxing together, and then the bride while she is getting the finishing touches of her make up done. 

It's very easy to make this part of the day photogenic. These are just some tidbits that might make it even more. With all your pretty details, and the joyful expressions on all of your faces, the amount of great photo opportunities are plenty. Happy planning!