Slow days

While the 'slow season' in Maine wedding photography never feels that 'slow' I have found myself with extra time to devote to little things that during the summer I just quickly skimp over. You know, important things, like cookies from scratch. The pace of the colder months allots for more attention to detail. While I used to think of it as boring, I've come to appreciate that extra time. The balance of a slow winter with the coming exciting summer is a perfect flow for me.

heart cookies

So then, cookies. I've been trying to stop relying on my phone so much. Because of this when Julian and I wanted to make sugar cookies and needed a recipe, instead of turning to the Pinterest app on my phone I stopped myself and went for, and get this, a book. The Better Homes and Gardens cook book that I got at a yard sale years ago. I think it's true what they say about those trusted classics. They are worth keeping around. We even made our own frosting, something I've never done. It was a night of milestones! Wedding season will be here soon enough and I'm so looking forward to it.

But for now we'll keep enjoying the slow pace of winter And we'll eat cookies.  

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