Acadia National Park Proposal/ Anubhav and Tahira

 Bar Harbor Engagement Photographer 

Well it's safe to say my job constantly brings me to beautiful places at pretty emotional moments, but I don't think my heart has ever beat as fast as when I photographed the proposal of Anubhav and Tahira. It was like extreme photography with a hint of undercover agent work. A combination, I apparently LOVE. Anubhav contacted me the week before he and his girlfriend were supposed to travel from New Jersey to Acadia National Park to view some of the area's gorgeous Fall foliage. He was planning on proposing and looking for a photographer in the Bar Harbor area to photograph it. I was so excited he choose me and had so much fun planning everything out. 

He loved the look of Jordan Pond and with my knowledge of the place I felt confident in his choice. I've photographed there a couple of times and knew the layout and where would be the perfect spot for the proposal. The day of, we were texting back and forth trying to time it right with their arrival and dodging the 90% chance of rain that was predicted. I wore my bright yellow rain coat and told Anubhav to locate me and casually ask me to take a picture of him and Tahira with his phone. Our plan worked better then we imaged as Tahira was the one to notice me and suggested to Anubhav that they have me take their photo. I took the opportunity to tell them where the best view was and placed them with the vision I had in mind. I snapped a photo and gave Anubhav the code word, "Perfect!". Then he got down on one knee and proposed! Tahira was completely surprised and they were both so in the moment that I had to tell them later that people were cheering for them from different corners of the pond. It was amazing. After, we took some additional pictures to really commemorate the moment. It was so special for me to photograph a couple's engagement portraits literally minutes after they became engaged. They were thrilled and excited and I was thrilled and excited for them. I'll always remember that energy. 

A BIG congratulations to you two! I can't thank you enough for having me there at such a special moment. Here are a few of my favorites from their proposal. 

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