Maine Wedding Photographer/ Morgan and Ethyn

 Maine Wedding Photographer

Now that the busy wedding season is coming to a close I'm finally able to squeeze in some time for blogging all these amazing weddings I've gotten to photograph! Getting to relive these special events after the fact is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job so I'm happy to get back to it. 

I immediately clicked with Morgan and Ethyn when I met them last year for their engagement session. We met at an apple orchard for pictures and wedding talk. They painted a great picture of a wedding at Morgan's family home surrounded by family and close friends. Fast forward to August of this year and I was with them as they were prepping for the big day. I started my day with Morgan who was getting ready with her 8 sisters who made excellent helpers and all took their bridesmaids duties very seriously. I laughed with their father how I wasn't used to so many helping hands all over the place. 

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 Wedding invitation suite
 Bride with sister getting ready

I love it when I get to photograph a bride getting ready in her childhood bedroom. There is something so special about it. Morgan's room had especially great light and I loved getting to photograph her gown on her hanger with her new last name, under her name sign above her closet. She gave her sisters their bridesmaids gift, a pretty white bracelet that went with their dresses and flowers. Then before we knew it it was time to put on the gown. Her mother and eldest sister, whom Morgan has shared a bedroom with for well... life, helped her get in it. 

 Bridal gown name hanger
 Bridal gown
 Bridesmaids bracelets
 Mom zipping up brides dress
 sisters helping bride get ready
 Bridal veil 
 mom hugging bride

Then it seemed like one after another she got some visitors each with awesome expressions once they saw her all dressed up. 

 dad seeing bride at wedding

Ethyn's mother gave her a special ring of her own to wear. I love this shot of their two hands and the ring box in the background. 

 groom boutioneer 

They decorated their ceremony cite with signs and scriptures of their faith. I loved their cross arbor and once I saw it got so excited for sunset portraits in front of it. 

 cross wedding arbor
 Wedding ceremony

After the ceremony we went to a spot with open shade for their family formals. This large group was so cooperative and happy. Ethyn and Morgan were finally married! 

 Navy bridesmaid dresses
 bridesmaids bouquet

We went through their family formal list and then were left with just the two of them. I think the appropriate word for them at this point was "giddy". They kept laughing and looking at each other with an expression of, WE ARE MARRIED! 

 Bride and groom in apple trees
 Maine Wedding Portraits
 Wedding portraits
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 Bride and Groom portraits

Their reception had a "let love grow" theme and they had decorated the reception tent with flowers and pictures of the two of them. There were lots of kids which made for some fun dancing. Their sister and brother gave meaningful and sometimes tearful speeches. The dances were happy and well photographed. Not just by me but by the flower girl, aka, my third assistant for the day.  

 let love grow wedding favor
 Wedding cake and cupcakes
 Maid of honor speech
 speeches at a wedding
 Bride and Groom cutting cake
 Wedding cake smash
 bride and groom first dance
 flower girl with camera
 Wedding shoe game
 Maine portraits at sunset
 Wedding reception photos
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 kids at a wedding
 parents dancing at wedding
 flower girl at wedding reception

Thank you so much for having me Morgan and Ethyn!

Photographer: Cassandra Henri Photography

2nd shooter: Sara Elizabeth Photography