Morgan Hill Event Center/ Hermon Maine

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The next venue in my "places I've photographed weddings" series is, Morgan Hill Event Center in Hermon, Maine

All Maine Wedding Photographers will tell you that the variety of venues across the state is HUGE. You can get married on the beach, on a cliff, in the woods, on a mountain, at a resort...the list is endless. Morgan Hill is located in Hermon, Maine and I've gotten to photograph weddings there a couple of times as well as assist other photographers there. Here are 3 reasons I look forward to shooting at Morgan Hill. 

THE SPACE. The space is beautiful and LARGE. If you have your wedding there there will be no bumping into others or cramped feeling. The high ceilings make it feel even more spacious and grand.  

Morgan Hill Event Center Hermon Maine Weddings

ALL IN ONE SPOT: The convenience of being able to have every part of your wedding in one spot is really something to consider when picking your venue. I'm talking about the getting ready portion, the ceremony, and the reception. Additionally Morgan Hill has an in house caterer, making it even more inclusive. 

Weddings at Morgan Hill Hermon Maine

THE SUNSET: If you are getting married at Morgan Hill sunset photos are a MUST. I love to photograph couples in front of the fountain and in the fields during that time of day. The light is golden, low, and beautiful. Some of my favorite pictures ever were taken at Morgan Hill at sunset. 

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Make sure to consider having your wedding at Morgan Hill! It's a lovely gem!