When the wedding photographer gets engaged!

I have some great news to share today! Last month my boyfriend, Derek proposed to me! You can bet there was a photographer there to capture the moment, 6 years in the making ;) ! That photographer was none other than my awesomely talented friend, Kate of Kate Crabtree Photography

Derek had recruited my two good friends, Kate and Lexi to get me out of the house on my birthday so that he could get ready for the proposal. They put together a birthday dinner for me which made my day feel so special already. About an hour into the dinner Kate asked if I would mind her leaving early because she wasn't feeling well. I told her that of course I understood and that I felt bad for her not being well. Little did I know she was on her way over to my apartment to set up for the whole thing. I had a great time visiting with friends at the dinner and then Lexi drove me home. I opened the door and that's when it all happened! You can see more pictures from the proposal in Kate's blog post where she also explains her role in the whole event. 

The following weekend Derek, Julian, and I took a trip down to Portland for a family Christmas party and to ride on the Polar Express. We decided to celebrate the engagement down there by locking a lock on the Portland Love Lock bridge.

Maine Wedding Photographer 

Getting engaged was an amazing experience. Through our engagement we've felt so much love and support from friends and family. We've been reminded of how truly lucky we are to have such great people in our lives and of course each other. We are so happy. <3