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I want to take some time to highlight the amazing venues I've gotten to photograph weddings in. Being a Maine Wedding Photographer means that I have opportunities to shoot at some of the most beautiful venues in America. There's many reasons why people come from all over to wed in our beautiful state and the many awesome venues it has is one of them. First up, I'd like to talk about The Colony. I love photographing weddings at The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport Maine. It sits right on the coast and has a very classic feel to it. I could go on and on about why it is so great, but so that this post isn't 10 pages long I will just share three of my favorite reasons why I love shooting there. 

The Rooms. The rooms at The Colony are all so gorgeous and the wallpaper speaks to my soul ;). I get giddy being able to photograph details and people getting ready in front of the lovely floral backdrops. 

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The Ceremony sites. Weather permitting many of the ceremonies are held on site on The Colony's lawn with an amazing view of the ocean and a beautiful stone aisle to walk down. It's stunning to look at and the stone reflects light on those who walk down it beautifully. The set up, with lots of open space around it, allows me to walk all around the ceremony to get neat shots. 

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The Colony Hotel Kennebunkport Maine
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If it is raining the ceremony is moved into one of their gorgeous ballrooms that are beautifully lit and decorated. So rain or shine your ceremony will be beautiful. 

Laura and the whole staff!. The Colony's wedding coordinator, Laura. Laura is insanely good at her job and you can tell from working with her that she loves what she does. The rest of the staff members that I got to interact with were also just as happy to assist in the wedding day. The team there was very good at making the wedding day go seamlessly. 

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Get married at The Colony! Your wedding will be beautiful! I am so looking forward to photographing weddings there this summer.