April Little things

April was fun. While it was cold, muddy, and not so picturesque outside I was able to find plenty to do inside to keep me busy. Every year around this time my town is BUZZING. The local university where Derek works is finishing up it's Spring semester and the excitement of graduation and another year finished is almost contagious. It was a month of planning for all to come this season and all the planning and the vibe of my town has me giddy with excitement for warmer weather. Here are some little bits of April that I'd like to remember. Follow me on instagram, @cassandrahphoto, for more little things! 


1. I've been working on my branding and doing things I probably should have done a long time ago (like design a business card). I wanted to find a fun way to show off my logo and did with these personalized stamps from dazzle. 

2. Our easter was a nice and quite one. We had breakfast and binge watched, "The Jinx". 


3. The weather while cold was warm enough for our cats to enjoy our closed in porch. They love sun bathing in those windows. One morning I caught Logan in this funny lounging position. 

4. My niece, Cassandra, had her first birthday in April and it was so fun to go shopping for her. 


5. I mean... look at her. 

6. Two Cassandras One photo. If I'm holding her and my nephew Julian is trying to get my attention instead of saying, "Auntie" he now says, "Cassandras!!!".

7. Speaking of Julian, he and I had ourselves a little getaway while I was in town for a meeting with a June couple of mine. He calls all hotels (even the Super 8 that I was staying it) 'Fancy places'.  

He wanted me to take a picture with all the pillows on top of him. He's under there. 

Thanks April! I'm so glad you're here May!