What to Wear: Maternity

Maternity sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite kinds of sessions. The excitement of a baby on the way is so fun to pick up in images. In preparation for the sessions to come in the warmer season I put some tips together on what to wear for your maternity portraits.


General Tips: Avoid writing or large logos on clothing (this can be distracting), dress for the season, bring at least two outfits, layers are good in case it gets cold, pick two locations in short distance from each other, and schedule the session to begin 2 hours before sunset to get the best light.

- The Maxi. My favorite maternity session staple is a maxi dress. They show off a baby bump wonderfully, are always flattering to an expecting mother's figure, and are comfortable. 


-Makeup. If you normally wear make up and want it to appear so in your pictures then I suggest wearing a bit extra so it's easier for the camera to pick up. Almost like when actors wear extra make up so it's visible for the audience, a little extra make up will help highlight the features you want and that will come through in your images.

-Accessorize. Subtle jewlery can bring a look together and also incorporate the baby as Megan's "C" (for Chase) Alex and Ani charms. 


-PROPS! Props are fun and a nice way to represent the baby before it actually gets here. Some of my favorite props to use at maternity sessions are shoes, ultrasounds, a onesie, a charm or banner with the baby's name on it, a stuffed animal, a baby book, and a rattle.


-Compliment, don't match your partner. I prefer the look of two people coordinating outfits instead of outright matching each other. You don't go through life in matching white tops so mixing it up a bit while not clashing with each other, is a more accurate portrayal of the two of you. 


-Schedule your session in the 7th month. The 7th of pregnancy is an ideal time to photograph. The expectant mother is showing, but it's far enough from the due date to hopefully avoid missing the chance to take the images due to an early labor.

-Pick locations, outfits, and all elements based on you and your partner's personalities.  As always, the most important thing is to be yourselves. That's when you're most comfortable and happy and that's what's most important for successful pictures.