March Little Things.

The days are getting longer just when I really need them to. I've been keeping my curtains open and enjoying the extra hours of day light. It's the first sign of spring and boy am I ready! March was good though. In the way the March usually is. Lots of time spent indoors, planning and getting excited for things. Here are a few little things from March. 

1. Derek's big event that he had been working to put together all year was in March. He organized a student network event with the alumni association and did an amazing job. I also got to wear my new dress. 

2. I went a little print crazy after switching to a new printing company. 

3. I spent quite a bit of time making my home feel more homey. I find it's important during the long winter months to make my surroundings enjoyable since somedays I'd rather starve then leave my apartment in -20 degree weather for food. 

4. THIS CHAIR THOUGH. This was a heavily debated purchase. I went to Home Goods, fell in love with it, went home, asked Derek what he thought, asked myself what I thought, decided to buy it, started driving back to Home Goods, turned around, googled "How to stop cats from clawing up furniture", made the final decision, and went back to Home Goods. I'm happy I did. 

5. Girls weekend in Boston! Full blog post HERE

6. Derek went off to Boston himself for the PAX East conference. I'm glad he had the experience, but when I picked him up at the bus stop after, HE WAS A HUFFLEPUFF (see hat in photo). 5 YEARS IN AND I'VE BEEN DATING A HUFFLEPUFF THE ENTIRE TIME. You think you know someone...

April is filling up quickly with shoots and meetings as we get closer to the busy season! I feel ready. Follow me on instagram for more little things! @cassandrahphoto.