What to Wear/ Senior and Portrait sessions.

1. I want to start this post by saying that the number ONE tip for what to wear during your session is to wear clothing that represents you! All these tips will be for nothing if you don't feel like yourself in what your wearing. You are at your best when you are yourself so don't change that! Write that down and underline it twice!


2. Avoid large logos and writing on clothing. Words and large symbols are distracting and you want your session to be about you and not whatever brand your wearing.


3. Bring clothing options! An outfit change will diversify your session and give you the chance to try different looks. I think it's best to bring a mix of casual options and a more formal option. The occasions to have your pictures professionally taken aren't that many so I say make the most of it, have fun, and dress up a bit for at least part! 

5. Patterns AND solids! Patterns can be really pretty and add versatility to the senior session portfolio, but make sure to bring a solid color top/dress as well. 


5. Accessorize! A few accessorize can go a long way in bringing a look together. But keep it to a few so they don't distract from you, the main subject. Also, make sure they compliment the rest of your outfit and don't clash and are things you would wear normally. 


6. Feel free to ask me for advice! Sometimes clients will send me phone images of what they are planning to wear and I can help coach them through what will be most photogenic.

7. Dress for the weather. When getting caught up in what looks best with what, it's important to still consider the temperature outside. You don't want to end up looking cold and uncomfortable in the photos! Bringing layers will help avoid the risk. 

Bring the whole lot of it and we will put together looks that best reflect you while making for excellent photographs.