Drives like that.

My favorite time of day to take pictures is two hours before sunset when the sun is at it's lowest in the sky. It's flattering to my subjects because the sun's position doesn't cast any harsh shadows and instead beautifully illuminates them. Because of this most of my sessions start at this time and during most of my drives home after, I'll catch the last bit of sunset.

And it's during drives like that.

I've just finished doing what I love to do at my favorite time to do it. I'll pack my stuff back into my car, call Derek to let him know I'm on my way, type HOME into my GPS, and start driving. 

And it's drives like that.

While I'm headed home from some gorgeous Maine location like Deer Isle, or Wiscasset, or Bar Harbor, with the sun right where I like it to be. Sometimes there are colors and sometimes it's just golden. I'll feel loved and fortunate and happy and excited. 

It's drives like that when I feel luckiest to be doing what I'm doing.