Glimpses of a Girls Weekend in Boston.

This past weekend me and five of my best gal pals had ourselves a city adventure! We car pooled down to Boston and to stay at one of our own's apartment and planned out quite the weekend. Enjoy these cruddy cell phone photos of the experience! 

The first night after our long voyage down we had a mini 90s movie marathon. 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring it On (Yes Bring it On came out in 2000, but watch it again, that's as 90s as 90s can be!). We really refreshed our memory of the decade.

Good things about the 90s: A hefty chunk of music and Heath Ledger.

Bad things about the 90s: 90% of the everyday clothing and 100% the prom dresses, 

The next day we hit the town hard! Shopping and getting cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury street.  Yes I took most of the pictures in this post at the cupcake place. They were THAT good.

Of course, you can't go to Boston without seeing a, Golden Girl's Drag Show. I lost my debit card earlier in the week and wasn't able to preorder my ticket like the rest of the ladies did. The venue, Opus Underground was great though and let me in and then didn't even want me to pay for a ticket. They told me to "Pass it on". So, that's on my to-do list this week.


We dined at Cuchi Cuchi and danced at Soulejuha! at ZuZu in the Middle East

And to take us out, this long winded story about something you probably had to be there to appreciate-

When we got to Cuchi Cuchi to eat dinner on Saturday night we told the hostess we'd like a table for 6. The hostess looked down at her clipboard and pursed her lips together as she figured out how long our wait would be. "It looks like a minimum wait of 45 minutes.... but I can't guarantee only 45 minutes and then the kitchen closes at 11 so if it's longer than that you won't be able to eat". We accepted defeat. We would not be eating at Cuchi Cuchi. Then she quickly perked up, "OR I could put these two tables together and you could eat now". She pointed to the two small tables behind her and one of us said, "We'll take the now option". The option with food and eating and it being now.

We wondered later if the hostess was trying to lower our expectations in order to make the two tiny tables next to the coat rack look more desirable. Little did she know we would have sat on the floor if it meant food.

I'm convinced that that situation could be a metaphor for something else. I'm still figuring that part out. I'll let you know when I do!