My first camera


THIS was my first camera! I yipped with glee when I came across it on the internet. It was a birthday gift from I'm thinking year 6 or 7? I was in AWE of it. So fancy, with the bright red strap. I got to use REAL film with it and it had a FLASH. It went with me everywhere and I wish I still had it for nostalgia's sake. 

No one thought it was real. I'd go up to family members at Christmas parties and they would pose and say, "Oh that's so adorable her with her little toy camera". LITTLE DID THEY KNOW! Sometimes I'd tell them "No! It's real! It takes real pictures", but they would never believe me until my mom stepped in. Other times I'd just let them do their pose thinking my camera was fake. Joke's on you! 

I learned a couple basics with this camera. Like how to load film. Also, not to take pictures of people eating, because I tried that once and was told it was rude. 

I didn't know at such a young age that I wanted to be a photographer, but I did know that I loved taking pictures. I'm so grateful to have had that tool so that I could learn that about myself. Since then my preference of camera bodies has changed quite a bit and I'm very happy with my upgrade as well.