I'm thinking about firing my office assistant.

It's never a good experience to let an employee go. I'm guessing anyway. I never have. But Logan here has just not been making the cut. He has the passion, but has been causing more mischief then I'd like to have in my work environment. 

He has a record of using up my printer ink and paper by making unnecessary copies of things. I'll come back from a post office run and see that he has kept his paw on the copy button so many times that now I find myself with 50 unwanted copies of a contract. Then he'll just STARE at me like, "Whhaaaa?"

He likes to eat my flowers... WIERD. 

He has NO respect for personal space as evident in my photo booth history. 

He gets in the way of my work.

ONE time he swatted me. 

He is distracting!

And just plain LAZY. 

But he's SO handsome... I guess I'll keep him around for a bit longer.