February Little Things

Feb-RUE-Ary. I have to say it that way every time I type it out. 

Well here we are! It's MARCH, which means it's almost April and May is just around the corner so pretty much guys, Spring will be here before we know it. I'm choosing to NOT reflect on the weather or how many times my car has gotten stuck or whatever number of my flights were delayed or how bitterly cold February was. Instead let's focus on the flowers of February. There were lots during this round. 

First off, THESE beauties sent to me from Derek on Valentine's Day. He actually scheduled them to come the day before (it was cheaper- Hey- Theres no shame in a good bargain!), BUT they didn't come until the day after their scheduled arrival so they actually arrived on THE 14th of February!


Alstroemerias are my new favorite flower. Keeping fresh blooms in the apartment has helped distracted me from the harsh cold outside. They are beautiful but what really won me over was that these babies last a LONG TIME. We are going on 10 days and they are still standing strong. 

Also this past month: The OSCARS!!! Derek and I have our own ballots and even a points system to figure out which of us really knows our Academy. I win every year. As I did this year. Duh.

Of course February was the month of New Mexico. It felt so good to get out of state and experience something outside of the norm for a bit. I also saw Tina Fey there. In person. She was texting. I'm assuming to Jimmy Fallon about their shared appearance on the SNL's 40th anniversary that would be on TV the weekend after I in fact saw her.  

And now I am home and it is March and it ain't bad. It ain't bad! I've got Kristin Hannah's new book, meetings with brides, plans for girls weekends and it aint bad at all! March I know you have a pretty bad rep, but we're going to get along just fine.