New Mexico Part 3: Casey... your mom called.

I hit a great streak of good while in New Mexico. A wonderful friend of mine, Casey, who lives in Colorado was able to drive to Santa Fe and stay with me at my Aunt's home for a weekend. Her first day in Santa Fe was a glorious blur of mimosas, exploring The Plaza and The Basilica, and Broadway show tunes over drinks and appetizers, 

The next day we went to the Tent Rocks and took our fair share of hat selfies. Casey was such a great sport and let me take some portraits of her during our hike. It was so fun to take images in such a different environment! First-Hat Selfies!



The Sunday she was there we planned everything around the Super Bowl. I don't watch a lot of football, but if the Patriots are doing well, I pay attention.  If they make it to the Super Bowl... well you can count on me as a die hard New England sports fan for those couple of weeks. What can I say... I'm a sucker for all the hype.

My aunt prepared a beautiful Super Bowl spread for us. We watched Katey Perry ROAR and fly around like the firework that she is. Casey hoped for a blow out to avoid the stress of a close game, but I hoped for a close game to relish in the excitement. We had a spa appointment with a private tub bath at 8, meaning that we had to leave at 7:45 to get there in time. At 7:30 the Patriots were down, it didn't look great, and Casey was walking around the kitchen trying to distract herself from the game. But Then! The Patriots got the ball were able to get it down to their end! 

"Casey! They did it!" (I actually remembering screeching that). The Patriots got a touchdown and the Sea Hawks had only 2:02 minutes to get a touchdown or they would lose.

We were ahead, but we had to leave to make our appointment in time. 10,000 waves is a gorgeous spa located at the tippy top of a mountain in the woods with ZERO cell phone reception. But we couldn't enjoy our time there without knowing! To be in the dark sounded awful, but with the place having NO cell phone reception we were in a pickle. I know... the EPITOME of first world problems right?

Knowing how ridiculous it was, but how much fun we were having, we quickly devised a plan. My aunt would call the front desk of the spa with an important message for us, "Casey- your mom called" if the Patriots won and "Casey-Larry called" if the Patriots lost.

We were driving up the long narrow windy road giddy with excitement, refreshed from our hike, grateful for our experience and anticipating our next venture. We arrived and were shown around and lead to our designated area. I went up to the front desk to grab a glass of water and the receptionist had a message for me.

I was in New Mexico, 

At a SPA mind you,

Enjoying an increase of AT LEAST 60 degrees in temperature,

Visiting my amazing Aunt,

One of my closest friends was able to meet me there,


Casey's mom had called,

The Patriots won!

Sometimes you hit a really great streak of good. Imma right?