December Little Things

A few days late but I didn't want the little things of December to go unrecorded! They were to sweet and dear to not acknowledge. 

1. Holiday prep. I love all the details that go along with the holidays like writing cards, decorating, and small DIY projects.

2. Peppermint galore. I'll miss all the peppermint. 

2. Julian's visit. I know I gush about him a lot but I can't imagine loving something more than I love that little nugget. More in THIS blog post. 

3. My birthday! I turned 28 and so far 28 has been fan-tabulous. To celebrate I went out with a few ladies from work and had a ball. I also received TWO bouquets of flowers including the above flower cake from my mom. 


4. Holiday cookie making party with my gal pals. 

5. Christmas.  Derek and I's Christmases have always been pretty low key. We see family and close friends prior and then reserve the day to just stay at home and relax. 

6. Exciting things happening in this little town of mine. The Orono Brewing Company opened on New Year's Eve and it's a perfect addition to a town that I love so much. I went twice in that first day it was open. 

7. Which brings me to New Year's Eve! Derek and I usually stay in, order some take out, and watch the ball drop with the cats. This year though we decided to do the whole traditional NYE thing and head out to Bangor. The city of Bangor had many fun events happening all over downtown all in walking distances of each other. We had a beer at Nocturnem, saw an improv comedy show by Improve Acadia, went to Blaze and somehow scored some seats at the bar with a view of the ball drop (They dress up a ball in twinkle lights and throw it off of the third level of a restaurant). I even smooched Derek at midnight! 

All in all a great month and I'm excited to see what the rest of January has in store. I've been getting quite a few inquiries from couples newly engaged after the holidays and it has me so excited for my 2015 wedding season.