A picture of mine is in a magazine!

I've been purchasing Real Maine Weddings magazine for awhile now. They have two issues a year and I love to sit and fawn over all the fabulous wedding photography in it. When I first started photographing weddings I felt giddy that I actually KNEW some of the photographers featured in it. I bought the latest issue last week and would casually flip through it whenever I got the chance. 

Last Sunday when I found myself with some free time I started looking through it again. I came to a page with an ad on it for The Mountain House, a venue that I had photographed Kelsey and Ty's wedding at earlier this summer and adored. One of the four images caught my eye and I quickly realized it was MY OWN image that I had given the venue awhile back! My name was even in small caption on the side. They had used it in their ad! I was over the MOON excited. Of course I was sitting by myself with no one around me so I just frantically kept looking up for someone to tell the news. 

It felt AMAZING to see a picture of my own in a magazine that I had looked at and fawned over for years. It's definitely inspired me to start officially submitting my work for publication. Friends and family you can expect signed copies in your mailbox soon ;).