New Mexico: Part 1

I made it! I arrived in Santa Fe last night at about 9:30 pm after a loooong day of travel, leaving my own home 13 hours prior. I'm so happy to be here and for the  exciting things I'll be doing while visiting my Aunt, but FIRST I need to tell you about my journey over! 

In order to avoid all the chaos at the Airport my aunt Kasha suggested moving my flight from last Saturday to the following Tuesday. There wasn't a crazy storm in Boston, but there was snow and enough flights were being delayed that it looked like I might run into some problems and it would be best to move my flight. It LOOKED like that anyway. After Derek and I pulled up a weather map of Boston for Tuesday from some weather station. Bold titles such as, "Storm of the Century" and "Snowpocolypse" jumped out at me. So we pushed the trip another two days. This is the slow season of wedding photography and my schedule is pretty flexible so it wasn't a problem.

The actual day-of-voyage was pretty seamless. Only one 40 minute delay in Boston. But there were a few highlights from the trip that I'm really glad I have you hear to tell you about. 

1. The bus driver serenaded us when leaving Bangor and Augusta. The second song he sung was called, "This is the shortest song in the world" and it went: 

"This.... ISSSssss.... the shortest-song-in-the-world". No joke. 

2. Also he was a tricky sort of bus driver that wanted us to recite a pass phrase to re-board if we decided to disembark during the short stop in Portland. the pass phrase was, "The moose put gas in his snow blower" and we were NOT to recite it to ANYONE but him. Sworn to secrecy with this pass phrase.

3. One other thing about the bus ride: I had a moment where I was pretty sure we were all part of a weird social experiment. While people were boarding in Portland it became obvious that it was going to be a full bus. I moved my stuff under my seat so someone could sit in the seat next to me. I then noticed that in the seat directly across the aisle was an apple. A rotting apple. It had seen better days, this apple. The window seat next to it was empty of a passenger and people were not sitting in either seats, because the apple was there. Did someone leave it as a place holder? Was it trash? Would the presence of an apple occupying the seat be enough to have people standing during the next two hours. I decided to stop looking at it and pretend I didn't see it, so as not to risk being a knowledgeable bystander in the social experiment, if in case there was one. Can't be too careful. Hey- I was in my third hour of travel and my imagination may have been getting out of hand. 

4. I'm pretty sure the two people seated next to me on the plane are destined to be together. I didn't catch names, but the man was from Nashville and the woman was from Phoenix and BOY did they hit it off. Nashville was in town on business and Phoenix was too. Phoenix went to college in Nashville and I forget the name of it, but Nashville said that he, "always aligns with people that have gone there". Phoenix was getting into Bee Keeping and Nashville found it all very interesting. I hope their paths cross again.

Once at my Aunts house her and I crashed. I called Derek before going to bed and asked him what all the cats were doing at that moment.

Me: Where is Molly?

Derek: I don't know she was on the coffee table and now she is gone. 

Me: And Sophie? She is on the bed isn't she? 

Derek: Yep. 

Me: And Logan? 

Derek: Logan is asleep on the dish towel. 

Me: The dish towel? 

Derek: Yeah. 

Me: Well you should move him. 

Derek: There aren't any dishes on it. 

Me: Ok, so you will change the dish towel after he wakes up?

Derek: Yes. 

Me: Ok. I love you. good night! 

Derek: I love you too. Good night!

So alls well at home and alls well in Santa Fe! And look what I brought along with me from Maine.

A little bit of my girl, Juno.