Some love and some links.

 TODAY! TODAY I will be shooting my first engagement session of 2015! I'm sitting at home counting the minutes until I can leave. This is the longest I've gone without photographing people and I'm going a little stir crazy. 

The "slow season" of wedding photography I've come to learn isn't all that slow. Theres emailing, website updating, meetings with potential couples, promo designing, faxing, regular mailing, portfolio critiquing, and taxes. Most of these tasks have placed me right at my computer to get them done and occasionally surf the internet for distracting things. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite internet wedding finds here for your viewing pleasure. 

-Maroon 5 crashing 5 weddings in downtown LA for the latest music video "Sugar". 

-Bored panda's roundup of 25 of The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers 2014 Award Winning Images. First place in "Family Love" from Canton, China... I can't even.

-Liz Caron of Russel Caron Wedding Photography's article on Blog Her on What You Need to Know to Hire a Wedding Photographer

-Style Me Pretty's collection of 15 Updos that WOW. Number 9 is my favorite!

-The Dos, Don'ts and How tos on how to build your wedding website via Julie from one of my favorite Maine venue's, The Mountain House on Sunday River. 

Happy browsing!