Julianisms/ 001

I have a four year old nephew in my life who is something out of this world. He is funny, thoughtful, smart, caring, everything you could wish for in a four year old. He's also full of these funny one liners and deep thoughts and caring concerns. Here are a few of his greatest hits as of late and a few from the vault to get you up to speed on the charmings of Mr. Julian. 

While driving to my house after picking him up in Augusta. 

Julian: I'm FREAKING OUT. 

Me: What are you FREAKING OUT about? 

Julian (hand on head, eyes wide): About all the JOBS I've got to do at your house. 


At the library after discovering a plastic crown in the costume closet. 

Julian: LOOK! Someone forgot their crown here. We need to call the police and return it!


After I went off on one of my lengthy philosophical Goonies rants. 

Julian: I'm getting a headache from you.


Before heading out to see the movie, Box Trolls. 

Me: Can Derek come with us to the movies?

Julian (with a look of 'I don't know how to break this to you but...): Um... I see you and me at the movies... I don't see Derek at the movies. 


After laughing hard about something with his 14 month old brother, Cameron who couldn't possibly be in on the joke. 


Julian:...No Cameron... that's not funny to you. 


Passing by a church. 

Julian: So is that like what... a castle or something? 


After not making it to the bathroom quite on time. 

Me: Will you tell me next time you need to go to the bathroom?

Julian: Yes. 

Me: Promise?

Julian: No. 


While taking a walk with my sister. 

Micheala: Come on Buddy!

Julian: I AM NOT AN ELF!!!!


Walking into a restaurant for lunch. 

Julian: I used to work here... yep... a long time ago. 


In Cumberland Farms. 



At Treworgy Apple Orchard while I was off getting our car and he was sitting with Derek who had stubbed his toe on a wagon and it started bleeding so much that he had to go to walk-in care.

Julain (Pointing at Derek's toe): Are they tickling you?

Derek: Huh? 

Derek looks at toe. Starts to violently swat away all the flies who were congregating around bloody toe. 


Chasing my cat Molly around the apartment trying to get her to let him pat her. 

Julian: MOLLY!!! I thought you were my best friend! 


While on the playground trying to get me to climb the REALLY high, steep, swirly ladder. 

Julian: Climb this one! 

Me: I can't! That one is REALLY hard. 

Julian: Yeah... but you can try...

So try I did and wouldn't you know it wasn't that hard. Thanks for the great playground/ life lessons Julian! I can do hard things! Until next time.