Wedding Inspiration: Hashtag... You're it!

I was pretty proud of that title when I thought of it. Now I can't decide if I hate it or not.

When hashtags first started being used I would roll my eyes at any mention of them. I jumped on the twitter train pretty late in the game and didn't understand it's usage. Now I get it and I can appreciate the way they make it even easier to connect and share online. It's a great way to organize all the social media that will be buzzing over your wedding. It's also a fun way to get guests involved and makes it easier for the couple to view all the instagraming, tweeting, and facebooking of their wedding the day after. Here are a few fun and pretty ways for couples to make their hashtag known and present at their weddings. 

1. On napkins

2. As photo booth props

3. In the wedding program

4. Props in pictures.

5. Signage

6. In centerpieces