Bits and pieces/ 001

The bits: 

The pieces: 

1. Wedding day prep! I have decided that for every wedding, while prepping the day before,  I will watch 'the wedding' episode of some television series. They all have one and last wedding's pick was Pam and Jim's wedding from, The Office. Gosh does that one get me. 

2. Derek came home last Saturday to find me with my brushes and paper out proudly declaring that I have taken up watercoloring. Bless his heart that's probably the 5,000th new venture I've declared to be mine and never has he once make me feel silly about even my craziest aspirations.


4. Derek and I reached 5 years of being a couple. Awkward Boyfriend Greeting Cards is the special brand of cards I've received every year since we've been dating. I know some think it silly to count, but I'm a big believer in celebrating every moment- big, small, silly, serious. I figure- If I'm fortunate enough to able to celebrate then I better.

5. I don't know what to do when they gang up on me like that. 

6. It does exist! My nephew Julian's FAVORITE two things in the world are moose and spiderman. It doesn't get much better than that kid. 

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