One thing real quick-

I had my second wedding of the 2014 wedding season this past Saturday and I just wanted to pop in on this blog real quick to say that- I'm SOLD ladies and gentlemen. I was certain of it long ago and each new experience I gain in this field just assures me more that this is what I want to do. It's what I'm truly passionate for and I thank my lucky stars every time I'm inquired for another gig (I like to call them 'gig's, because it makes my ego feel a bit more rockstar-esque). I've felt the support of my friends in some pretty big ways these past few weeks and I tell ya... nothing gets my engines a' burning more than making the people I care about proud. That combined with the high of photographing weddings just has me smiling from ear to ear 24/7. So thanks guys... chasing your dreams can be one scary thing, but it's a little less scary knowing that someone believes in you. This month I've realized that I have quite a few someones that believe in me. It's so nice to be believed in. TRUTH!!!! (in the swag of Honey boo-boo)

ALSO: I think I perfected my jumping-picture-coaching method this past weekend. It's 1,2, BEND 3, JUMP 4! In case you wanted to know :) 

PS- Doesn't the gentlemen on the right look like he could be silhouetted and placed on a "Billy Elliot: The Musical" poster?