sometimes it rains.

By: Amy Marie Driscoll

Before I tell you about how it poured on my wedding day, let's start at the beginning of the story: 

We went to our first concert together-an all-day country music show. It was one of my favorite concerts. It was the concert that I finally introduced my mom and our "concert crew" to my boyfriend. He looked awfully cute in those jeans and that cowboy hat. He rode his motorcycle up to meet me at the show. After the fun finished up we all headed home. Down came the rain. Drenched. Cold. We sat in front of the fire all night. That was when I first realized, this boy is the one.

He asked me to move in. One car load at a time, I moved all the contents of my apartment down to his house. We made the plan for him and my parents to all come to my apartment with pick-up trucks to get the stuff that wouldn't fit in my car. Of course, Mother Nature had a hissy fit on moving day. I ended up going to the hardware store and buying a few of the biggest tarps I could find to cover the furniture. The four of us loaded up all my stuff in the pouring rain.

He finally said "I love you". Finally. My jaw dropped. That cute boy from the concert had never been one to be mushy-lovey-dovey. I was soaked from a rainy motorcycle ride and trying to shake the chill. He caught me off guard and I tried to stammer out an "I love you, too." Turns out, that was only the beginning. Before the shock could wear off, just like that, he got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of the fireplace. With the happiest tears of my life, I said yes.

In mid-January, it rained cats and dogs, freezing to the ground and causing two cars to slide off the road. Those two cars were full of my mom, my grandmother, and my girlfriends and all of them were on the way to find my wedding dress. Once they got back on the road, we all met, had a very memorable meal and then found the perfect dress. Mother Nature wasn't done yet-she was just getting started. The freezing rain started back up and we ended up having my favorite sleepover of all time- me, mom, gram, and three of my best friends. It doesn't get any better than that.

As the preparations continued for my spring-time wedding, the question of rain came up again. The plan was to get married at camp; the same spot where my parents got married. We would be out on the dock and all our family and friends would be standing along the shore. Dad says, "Well what's your Plan B? What if it rains?" Without missing a beat, I said, "If it rains, we get wet."

Two weeks before the big day, my mom, my grandmother, and I went to have a spa day. It poured. We took a break after our mani-pedis for lunch before our massages. Gram pops out of the car with her hood up to shield herself from the rain. She chuckled and smiled that beautiful smile and said, "Sometimes it rains!"

So. The Big Day is coming. Ladies and gents, they say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day. It symbolizes cleansing, fertility, unity, and renewal. No matter who you are or if you believe in the superstition, you will check your weather apps, relentlessly in the ten days leading up to your wedding. As soon as your wedding date hits a weather report, you will become obsessed with it. Why? Because you can plan until the cows come home, but you can't control the weather. And what do you do if it rains?

Somewhere around May 7th, the weather report started out sunny and 70 degrees for May 17th. Everyday, it changed a little bit. Chance of clouds. Might be 68 degrees. Then chance of rain and possible wind gusts. Then rain. 60 degrees. All weekend. I finally forced myself to stop looking at the weather and just accept it. It was going to rain on my wedding day. What if it rains? if it rains, we get wet.

We set up for the reception so there was plenty of space for people to escape the rain and celebrate. The only place that anyone would have to worry about getting wet was at the actual ceremony. I bought the dollar store out of clear ponchos and cheap umbrellas for the guests. That was as good as Plan B/'what if it rains insurance plan" was going to get. For the bridal party, it was pretty much a fact: we were going to get wet.

I woke up at 3AM on my wedding day to the sound of driving rain on a metal roof. Perfect. I laid in bed until around 6AM, and the first thing I said was, "Sometimes it rains." We got the day started: we showered, did some last minute reception decorating and preparation, and then headed out to do hair and makeup. Still raining. "It's good luck..." everyone kept saying. Then we got to camp. There were times that the rain was heavy and there were times you could barely tell by looking out the window. It never stopped. Sometimes it rains, right? I looked at my bridesmaid (and my AMAZING photographer) and said, "Girls, we're gonna get wet."

It rained through the whole ceremony. Water was running down my cowboy's face as he read his vows. My hair was soaked and my make-up was practically non-existent by the time I said, "I do."

It was a perfect fairy tale. 

I must have heard people say, "It's good luck if it rains..." several hundred times throughout the day. From a bride who has been there, take it from me- just smile and say, "I know; Thank you for coming!" I don't want to come off sounding like I WANTED it to rain on my wedding day or that I wanted to slap every person that tried to make me feel better about the storm on my wedding day. I assure you, that isn't the case. But seriously, sometimes it rains! At no point did I ever say that I was upset or bummed out that it was raining. Sometimes it rains!

Embrace it! Get super cute pictures of you looking out a rainy window. Make sure to catch all the kissing in the rain that you can with your groom. You are probably going to drag your dress through a mud puddle. Treat it like a hot new accessory and rock that look. Worried that your makeup washed off? A few points on that. 1) You're probably going to cry more that once during your wedding day. Waterproof or not, there probably won't be much of it left by the time you cut the cake. 2) Makeup is expensive. Reapplication not necessary. 3) He has seen you without your makeup before and STILL KNOWS YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. Your best friends have seen you ugly-cry and STILL SEE YOUR GLOWING FACE. Your family has seen you at your best and at your worst and THEY LOVE YOU EVEN IF YOU AREN'T RUNWAY READY. Don't sweat it. Let that natural look shine.

Every part of this fairy tale that I am living has been sprinkled with droplets of glitter. Take it in stride, ladies! It's just a little water! Let's face it: Sometimes it rains.