Derek graduates!

Today is a big ole' day as far as days go. My beau, Derek graduates with his masters in Higher Education from the University of Maine! I don't think I've formally introduced Mr. Francis on this blog before and it is about time! Mr. Derek Francis is a man of wonder! A man who works very hard for what he wants. He makes wonderful opportunities happen for himself and then sees them through 100%. But also... he is funny! He is sweet. He is caring. He doesn't get mad at me for hitting the 'snooze' button three times every morning and isn't phased at all when he wakes up at 6am and I've turned the front of our apartment into a beauty salon for a styled shoot (this past weekend). He is all about sharing the celebration of his graduation with my nephew's 4th birthday at the Maine Jump, but I mean let's be real... what person wouldn't. He is a keeper! I love you Derek and I couldn't be more proud!