Tips for great Engagement photos

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. To make the most of our time together I organized some tips that address the most frequent questions I am asked before an engagement session. I hope they help and if you have any others let me know!

1. Tips on what to wear:

  • Don't necessarily match, but don't clash either. Choose colors or patterns that compliment one another. I recommend not matching because it isn't really a good representation of the two of you. You don't live life in matching white sweaters so to get an accurate photo of the two of you as you are now, I suggest complimenting each other instead of matching. 
  •  Stir clear of writing on clothing. Writing or  large logos on clothing can be distracting. 
  •  Wear what you feel good in! 
  • Consider bringing an outfit change. Bringing along a second outfit is an option and can help diversify the engagement session portfolio. It also gives you a chance to try two different looks or themes!
  • If you're having trouble picking what to wear... let me know! I can definitely help when it comes to deciding what colors or styles look the most photogenic together.

2. Choose a location. I think it makes the session and photos more personal if the couple picks where to have them done. It could be where you met, where your first date was, where one of you grew up, or a place you both just really like. I'm always up for brainstorming ideas if you'd like some guidance of course!

3. TIME-WISE: Let's plan to begin our session 2 hours before sunset. I'm a natural light photographer and working with the given daylight is what I enjoy most. The most flattering light occurs in the 2 hours before sunset when the sun is at it's lowest point in the sky. 

4. Props aren't necessary at all, but could be fun and are an option. Let me know if you have any ideas! I've done blankets, banners, playing cards, tea sets, candles, all sorts of stuff! Like I said, they aren't necessary, but sometimes I find couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera if they have something to be working with. Let me know if you are considering them and we can brainstorm some ideas!

5. Have fun! Don't worry it will be easy! I like to think I'm a good time ;).