You are you and I am I.


I photographed the first wedding of my 2014 wedding season recently. It was such a beautiful time and I can't wait to share it here soon. I had a moment while photographing the dress when I went up to the attic and found this poster. Not to sound over dramatic, but it kind of knocked the wind out of me. Experiencing and learning about all the different things that go into a creating a wedding, I can see why someone might become overwhelmed with it all. What with the internet, magazines, and don't even get me started on PINTEREST... there are so many things to pull at your attention and take your thoughts away from what the day is really about. The simplicity of the poem above broke it down for me. You might not finish that really cute DIY project in time, RSVPS could come in late, seating charts can keep you up at night, it could even rain. But if even all of those things happen it won't take a way from the fact that you and your partner are getting married! Your family and friends are going to be so happy for you and just love on you all day. "You are you and I am and if by chance we find each other, it is beautiful". And it will be SO beautiful, regardless if you completed those pinterest projects in time.