April showers

Spring is trying. It is trying so hard to get here. I took a walk yesterday in search of Spring and this is what I came up with. But you know what they say about April... showers and all.

April has felt sort of like a 'prep month'. SO much is coming at us in May. Derek will be graduating with his masters in higher education and I photograph the first wedding of the wedding season, travel to NYC for an engagement shoot, and complete a few other projects that I've been working on with some really great people. It's all exciting and I feel like it's all been 'in the making' for quite sometime and it's HERE. It's finally here. We have been chugging up this mountain for awhile and it feels like we are now on top of something. Not on top of the mountain. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. NO where near the top actually. I'm still only starting out! But I'm at least at a sturdy little rest stop along the way. One with lots of coffee and generally outlined maps. I can look back and see all that it took to get here and let me tell you it took A LOT just to make it this little bit. I can also look ahead and catch little glimpses of what's to come and let me tell you it looks goooooood. But it also looks scary and exciting in that 'oh what's the worst that could happen?' kind of way, when the 'worst' is actually pretty bad, but it's the WORST and how often does the very WORST happen in these circumstances so why not try, because the chances are very slim that the WORST will occur. And I mean... I've got it together. Clearly.

Yesterday I went to dinner with a girlfriend who started her photography journey around the same time I did. We have something special planned this weekend that I'm already really proud of us for doing. We both expressed how we couldn't believe so much has changed in just a year. She told me that thinking back to last year at this time, she hadn't even had her first session yet. I realized that the same is true for me. I was still mustering the courage to say aloud that I wanted to pursue photography last April. It took a lot of mustering too. It's HARD to say what you really want, but after you do it's sooooo freeing. Since then it's been a lot of learning, a few stumbles, leaps of faith, and A TON of prepping for this coming wedding season and it's HERE. It's finally here.

Thanks April for all the prep time. Come at me May! I got you!